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hudson view lunch from near Tarrytown-ish?

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Taking my parents for a scenic fall drive and looking for a great lunch spot on the water. We will probably not go much further than Sleepy Hollow... but would for something wonderful. Can be super casual to "fancy". It's more about a charming (be it funky or finessed) atmosphere and connection to nature.

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  1. I think that this is one of the most common posts on this board- I'd do listings again, but it was this month that the last post asked the same wuestion. Do a search and you'll find everything you need. Welcome to our town and enjoy!

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      oo - my bad. i should know better. sorry.
      thanks to those below, who may have not had a chance to share their golden wisdom nuggets in response to previous similar posts.

    2. AC - Not on the water, but certainly fits the bill of wonderful and conencting with nature - try Blue Hill @ Stone Barns. Dan Barber's restaurant/full working farm where most of the food served in the resto is grown.


      They are only open for lunch on Sundays though...

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        1. Are you willing to cross the bridge into Nyack? There is so much character and cute places for lunch over there.

          1. I'd second Blue Hill. I was there a couple Saturdays ago and ate lunch in the cafe (not only open on Sundays) which serves uncommonly good, locally grown food under a pretty stone portico, looking out over fall colors and a tranquil little lake.
            Gorgeous location, delicous eats, great vibe. Plus, a great gift shop with a stellar selection of cookbooks and lots of other beautifully-chosen merchandise.