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Oct 30, 2007 01:24 PM

hudson view lunch from near Tarrytown-ish?

Taking my parents for a scenic fall drive and looking for a great lunch spot on the water. We will probably not go much further than Sleepy Hollow... but would for something wonderful. Can be super casual to "fancy". It's more about a charming (be it funky or finessed) atmosphere and connection to nature.

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  1. I think that this is one of the most common posts on this board- I'd do listings again, but it was this month that the last post asked the same wuestion. Do a search and you'll find everything you need. Welcome to our town and enjoy!

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      oo - my bad. i should know better. sorry.
      thanks to those below, who may have not had a chance to share their golden wisdom nuggets in response to previous similar posts.

    2. AC - Not on the water, but certainly fits the bill of wonderful and conencting with nature - try Blue Hill @ Stone Barns. Dan Barber's restaurant/full working farm where most of the food served in the resto is grown.

      They are only open for lunch on Sundays though...

        1. Are you willing to cross the bridge into Nyack? There is so much character and cute places for lunch over there.

          1. I'd second Blue Hill. I was there a couple Saturdays ago and ate lunch in the cafe (not only open on Sundays) which serves uncommonly good, locally grown food under a pretty stone portico, looking out over fall colors and a tranquil little lake.
            Gorgeous location, delicous eats, great vibe. Plus, a great gift shop with a stellar selection of cookbooks and lots of other beautifully-chosen merchandise.