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Oct 30, 2007 01:16 PM

HFCS-free Tonic Water?

I'm looking for somewhere in the DC area that I can buy non high-fructose corn syrup tonic water. I've tried Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and the local co-op; can anyone tell me if there's somewhere I can find this stuff without ordering it online? Thanks.

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  1. Outside of making your own, the only one I know of is Fever Tree, which I've found at Wegman's in Fairfax, as they are the only one of the four or so US distributors of this UK product, and pretty much the only major retailer on the east coast. They make other things too, ginger ale, bitter lemon, lemonade, soda water.
    There's another high end brand called Stirrings, and they are free of HFCS too, but not sure where to find those.

    1. diet tonic water has no HFCS, and you can get it in any grocery store.

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      1. re: scotcheroo

        > diet tonic water has no HFCS

        No, but it doesn't taste the same.

      2. Fever Tree is by far the best, if you can find it. Stirring's can be hard to come by as well.

        Whole Foods has a house brand of tonic water, sold in cans, that is made with cane sugar instead of HFCS, and their entire line of house brand sodas and mixers is free of the high fructose monster... The tonic water is crisp and a fully acceptable alternative to the more commercially popular yellow-labeled garbage. If your local is out of stock, just ask the staff to get it ordered -- it's definitely available!

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          Oh, and for the record, the chemical concoctions used to sweeten diet tonic water are just as unnatural as HFCS.

        2. Hmmm, Whole Foods should have both Fever Tree and 365 Organic--both made without HFCS. Try asking a customer service person.

          You can also order powdered cinchona online and make your own. Definitely a trend these days, and shipping is a whole lot cheaper when you eliminate the 99+% of the weight made up by water, sugar, and packaging.

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          1. re: alanbarnes

            Thanks, I didn't see any in the local Whole Foods so I guess I'll ask them to order for me. Are they all supposed to have it in stock, or is there a specific store I should go to?

            1. re: rccoppola

              My WF stocks both of them, but in quantities small enough that they run out on a regular basis. I'll bet they'll hold some for you if you ask.

              1. re: alanbarnes

                Which WF is that? I am so unimpressed with the Arlington WF (their motto: always doing less to serve you). If they carry it and/or would order it (the Fever Tree), I would forgive them for a multitude of sins.

                1. re: bacchante

                  I'm in Sacramento, CA. Bit of a drive for you.

                  1. re: alanbarnes

                    HA! Although there are times when I would just about drive that far for good tonic. We even have problems around here getting Schwepps. Ain't that a hoot!?!