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Oct 30, 2007 01:01 PM

Seeking Glatt Kosher facility for wedding in North

I am trying to find a location that is inexpensive as we have a low budget, that either has an in-house glat kosher caterer or will allow to bring one in without an exhorbitant additional fee. The price has to be under $100 per head for the location including food and alcohol. We are looking in North Jersey or Westchester or Rockland County. I and my fiance are conservative but my mother and step-father are orthodox. We are looking to have about 125 guests. If anyone can give me any good places, we are doing September of 2008, all help would be appreciated as I am finding this a grueling process.

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  1. I would start by going to a caterer - call Main Event (I believe in Teaneck NJ), ask them for suggestions if they can meet the price and suggest a place. btw, The Clinton Inn in Tenafly is nice.