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Good bar for watching hockey/basketball - UWS between 66th and 84th streets?

elgordo Oct 30, 2007 12:55 PM

Any suggestions?
Good beer and decent food a bonus!

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  1. h
    harrison RE: elgordo Oct 30, 2007 12:59 PM

    there's always Blondies - 79th between bwy/amsterdam. decent bar food - great wings. and they just went hi def.

    1. w
      Westrite RE: elgordo Oct 30, 2007 02:56 PM

      On Ams/West 83 there is a newly renovated bar called something like Soldier McGee? Maybe? Soldier something. Anyway, it used to be a place called Racoon Lodge, and then it was called something like Crossroads. And in those past incarnations it always looked like a gross place I'd never go. Now, it has HUGE TVs and actually looks a whole lot nicer. Might be worth a shot because it's new and when I passed by last weekend was surprisingly quiet.

      Also, I like Firehouse on Columbus and 85th. Always seems emptier than it should be.

      1. fgf RE: elgordo Oct 30, 2007 03:17 PM

        Time Out on Amsterdam btwn 77th and 78th is sports bar, like Blondies. The Irish bars in the neighborhood have good TVs, the Dublin House on 79th has new LG LCDs, PD O'Hurley's on 72nd is nice with good food, McAleer's on Amsterdam btwn 80th and 81st is a good hybrid Irishsports bar and the West Side Brewing Company on Amsterdam and 76 is pretty good.

        1. LNG212 RE: elgordo Oct 30, 2007 06:28 PM

          For any sporting event, we always head to George Keeley's (Amsterdam around 83 or 84) which has loads of tvs. Great beer selection (both on tap, at least one cask conditioned, and in bottles). Food is pretty strickly of the bar/fried variety (sliders, cheese fries, etc.). They do great brats and sausages on special occasions and keep saying they will add them to the regular menu, but they haven't yet.

          As another poster replied, we also like Firehouse (Columbus at 85th). They have better food and a decent amount of tvs. But they don't have nearly the beer selection.

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          1. re: LNG212
            samiam123 RE: LNG212 Oct 30, 2007 08:36 PM

            Parlour is good-they are a liitle off of your destination at 86th and Bwy. They have great burgers.

            1. re: samiam123
              LNG212 RE: samiam123 Oct 31, 2007 06:27 AM

              We like the Parlour too. But I think you're likely to get more Arsenal and Manchester United than you are to get the Knicks and Rangers. But maybe that's changed more recently.

              1. re: LNG212
                elgordo RE: LNG212 Oct 31, 2007 10:44 AM

                Being from Scotland the Parlour is one place i know. It hosts the NYC Glasgow Celtic supporter s club and yes Football (soccer) will be the big deal. It's definitely North american sports we're interested in!
                Thanks though.

          2. f
            fein RE: elgordo Oct 31, 2007 06:42 AM

            blondies and time out are both good spots. there so many spots on amsterdam in the 80's you can't go wrong.

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