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Oct 30, 2007 12:38 PM

Smokey Joe's - An Update Please...?

The last posts I saw a while back indicated that the place was going downhill....Can anyone who's been there recently give us an update on food, service, etc.?


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  1. Was there last week. Food and service were still good and delicious. And you can still bring in your own beer.

    1. was there for ribs/brisket . They were out of brisket on a Sunday night! and the ribs were really really poor. Poor quality meat and drenched in some kind of "smoke sauce". Sadly, while Dougie's isn't what it used to be, their ribs are far superior

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        Thanks craigcep and joey8, but this is what I meant...mixed reviews. Some still like SJ's while others don't. Any other opinions?

        1. re: KosherKing

          just always order with any sauce/marinade left on the side, and you'll be fine.
          I don't know where you got the impression it was going "downhill" but whatever.
          every place gets mixed reviews no matter how good it is.

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