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Oct 30, 2007 12:03 PM

Where do you get your pre-marinated Korean BBQ?

I usually get mine in K-town at that supermarket on the corner of Berendo and Olympic. I've also gotten mine at the grocery store in Rowland Heights on Colima and Nogales. I live around Highland Park and wanted to know if there was a better place around me. I don't care for the one in K-town as much as the Rowland Heights place, but I don't want to drive out there all the time I need some BBQ.

I normally would make my own, but sometimes I just don't feel like it-you know?

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  1. You will find this reply strange, but the tastiest one I've tried so far is the one from Trader Joe's. I got the premarinated one at DB Market World (a Korean store at Colima and Brea Canyon) and it's kind of yucky. Otherwise I had better luck marinating them myself.

    1. I've seen premarinated bulgogi beef at Trader Joes recently, but have not tried it so don't know how good it is

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      1. re: Ernie

        we had it for dinner last night (made on the grill) and it was very good. I would suggest trying something like this before committing to a long drive.

        1. re: LAcupcake

          Do you remember how much the meat was? I'll have to pick up enough for 4 adults and three kids.

          One more thing....your dog is so cute.

          1. re: bigtums

            It was $5.99 per pound and for seven people you'd probably need two packages. And thanks for the puppy shout out. He turns six months next week and I couldn't adore him more.

      2. california market or hk market.

        like you, i prefer to make my own.....

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        1. re: wilafur

          Is California market the one in San Gabriel?

          1. re: bigtums

            nope, the one i go to is in ktown.

            450 S Western Ave
            Los Angeles, CA 90020
            (213) 368-1410

        2. HK Market on Pacific, just north of the 134 in Glendale.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Do they have the sides too? The kimchee, bean sprouts, etc.? If so, this may be the place I try.

            1. re: bigtums

              I haven't been to the Arcadia one. At the Glendale one, they have a gigantic "wall o' kimchi" along the left side (as you face the back) where you can get all the kimchi you know and love (as low as $1 a pound) and some you've never heard of. The marinated meat is in little plastic "salad tubs" all the way in the back left corner after you pass the meat and fish counters.

            2. re: Das Ubergeek

              I saw online that there is one in Arcadia too, have you been to that one too? Is there any big difference?

            3. If you're in the South Bay area, the old BC Market or now Market World (Hannam Market) on Sepulveda and Madrona has all of that stuff. Another place on Torrance and Crenshaw Blvds. called Freshia Market has various marinated meats ready to BBQ at reasonable prices. I still make my own though...