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Oct 30, 2007 11:45 AM

Haru sushi (in back bay) is now open

Hi All,
Just wanted to let you know they are now open. The OpenTable link is: I'll go this week and and report back.

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  1. ok so I couldn't contain myself and tried it last night (night 2). I am so happy to have it here. The space is beautifully designed with great lighting, a good layout and a big sushi bar. We just had sushi...I had the UN-common boston roll (forget all the ingredients but it was 9 pieces and the fanciest roll) $18, SO had Chirashi Sushi (about 14 pieces on top of a bowl of rice) $22. Everything was delightfully fresh, price was reasonable (about the same as Douzo), service was great even though they are all very green, they will also deliver FOR FREE (I assume to Back Bay and South End)...It is a wonderful addition to the city and will give all the other sushi places nearby a run for their money. Reservations are available on open table but i.m.o. it is not a reservation type of place, so if you don't have time to make one, I wouldn't worry...

    1. Just went and tried Haru. The sushi and California roll seemed perfectly fine -- their sushi fish pieces are relatively large like those at Fugakyu. Service was hovering, awkward, and not altogether capable, but was at least friendly and wanted very much to please -- that's something that may well smooth out with time. I thought it was expensive for what it is (as is Osushi).

      1. My boyfriend and I took my sister (visiting from San Fran) out last Friday night. We were excited to try it and were (to say the very least) disappointed. We will NEVER go back there again even though we really liked our food. We had a 9pm reservation (because we had to be somewhere by 10:30) and they didn't seat us until 9:30 - but we were patient at first knowing it was a new restaurant.
        The food was delicious - the experience was terrible. Our waitress was nice and our awful experience was not her fault whatsoever.
        None of our appetizers came at the same time. In fact, the edamame took so long it arrived with my chicken teriaky. My boyfriend and my sister ordered a lot of sushi and it didn't arrive until I was finished eating my steak teriaki (45 minutes after we ordered).
        When the sushi finally arrived it was 10:30 and the manager came along to apologize (apparently their computers had gone down) and offered us a round of drinks, but we declined because we were done drinking. When we got the check the waitress told us that they comped our edamame. I laughed because it was like a slap in the face - they took off essentially the cheapest item off the bill! What kind of gesture is that?!
        They had one chance to redeem themselves and they actually made themselves look worse!
        I think my boyfriend is going to make a complaint to corporate about these awful boston managers.

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        1. re: pink dress

          "they comped our edamame"... that is terrible, something not to be remembered for!

          1. re: steinpilz

            While this was a fairly horrendous nite out, the (supposed) computer problem certainly could have made things go horribly wrong. The OP thought the food was delicious and the waitress was nice, I personally wouldn't write it off with all things considered. But they probably should have comped the round of drinks for the long wait for the table and certainly something more than edamame.

            1. re: Joanie

              The OPs experience mirrored my own, and those of others posted here. The computer problem excuse sounds like BS in light of that. This place has good fish which is overshadowed by a staff with little knowledge of the menu, and sub par service (nice is not enough). This coupled woth the prices (more expensive than Oishii), have caused my to write this place off already.

              1. re: Gabatta

                Despite some early raves here, I lost a little of my excitement to try this place when I learned it is owned by the same people behind the Benihana chain. These kind of reviews aren't helping.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  The rolls and fish really are the freshest/best I've had in Boston (we've been over 5 times). We haven't had any service issues with the exception of "green" help but they obviously need to step it up. I love another Benihana chain called Gyu Kaku, even though I'm not a chain person. I don't think the prices are any different than Douzo, etc.

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    p.s. it was started by a great woman, japanese restaurateur...the restaurants that she opened/started, etc still have the feeling of being privately owned...since she sold out they obviously have tried to emulate her ways, philosophies (which worked) but I admit, have mixed too much corporate stuff in the mix...again, I really love the fish/sushi so I just ignore it as long as the service doesn't suffer as a result.

                    1. re: gramercyfoodie

                      I wasn't too impressed on my visit the first week, least of all by the prices (which I thought high) and the service (which was fly-by-wire with the exception of the bartender, who was fabulous). The fish was fresh enough, but by no means better than Douzo, Osushi or my favorite place near Symphony Hall. I'm letting Haru shake out for a while.

          2. i've been to the haru in nyc on 76th many times. very servicable and competant. looking forward to seeing how this one compares....i hope this thread doesn't get moved to the chains board. and yes, it's a benihana joint.