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Oct 30, 2007 11:34 AM

souffle-like quiche?

Several years ago, I was at a brunch where the hostess served a quiche, the likes of which I have never been able to duplicate. It was sooo high and soo light, like a souffle-- it was one of the most delicious things I've ever had made out of eggs. I was not able to ask for the recipe, unfortunately. I have tried many recipes which claim to result in "fluffy" or "light" quiches, but none have had the consistency I am looking for. It was soft, and jiggly like jello, and almost custardy. I've tried a recipe which incorporated mayo into the mixture, and while this was good, was not what I was looking for.

Can anyone help me out here?

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  1. The most ethereal quiche I've ever had, and I make it frequently, I found in "Betty Crocker's Cookbook" published by Golden Press, 1976 printing. Here is a link to the same recipe on their website. I usually just use a frozen deep dish pie crust, in the interest of saving time. Definitely not for the calorie conscious, but absolutely delicious.

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      Thanks so much-- I had given up any any replies! I will try this, for sure-- it's always good to have a great quiche recipe on hand.

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        You might want to try the Quiche aux Cambenbert or Brie in Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

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        There are bunches of quiche recipes at this link. Could you provide the specific title of the quiche recipe?

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          Its been 8 years since that link was posted, its likely no longer the same webpage ... I would try one of the recipes posted by other comments on this thread

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            It's Betty Crocker's Quiche Lorraine. Here's a link to the specific recipe, hope it works for you:


            BTW, while the recipe now calls for heavy cream or half and half, it specified heavy cream in the original printing, and I have only ever made it with heavy cream.

        2. Hi Michelle71
          I hope you are still after that souffle-like quiche, because that is how I cook mine. I use frozen puff pastry sheets, either in large muffin pans or a large deep dish pie pan.
          Blind bake your pastry with baking paper and dried beans until 1/2 cooked.
          Beat together 10 eggs and one litre double cream, season to taste with salt, fresh ground pepper & a pinch nutmeg.
          Fry bacon until crisp, remove; slice mushrooms thinly & finely chop spring onions. Add white parts of onion and mushrooms to bacon oil & saute. cool.
          mix all together with 3 handfulls of your favourite tasty cheese.
          Add to pie crust and cook in medium onion [ 30-45 mins] then add greens of onion and grated parmesan and cook until firm but a bit wobly in centre.
          You may have to put foil around pastry edges so they don't burn at any point. rest 15 mins.
          The choice of ingredients are yours, but keep them light ie. asparagus, spinach, mushroom, artichoke,etc.
          The real secret to this michelle71 is the greater amount of thick cream to eggs [& forget the milk!]

          1. I make a great quiche, and I use a springform pan, so they're always tall and light. For crust I make a pate brisee which is perfect with it. I've posted it several times. If I have some energy, I'll make one today and post a pic.
            Meanwhile here is my recipe that is always successsful. Of course success often depends on the oven.

            Pastry Dough for 1 Quiche
            1 1/2 Cups King Arthus unbleached flour sifted
            1/2 cup plus 2 T cubed ice cold butter
            1/4 tsp salt (kosher)
            1 tsp flour

            In the processor using pulse:
            Put in the butter, flour, and the salt until it resembles coarse meal
            Add 1 egg mix until the dough comes together depending on the weather add a little cream or ice water. Pat and shape into a disk put into the fridge for 1 hour.
            The recipe says bring it to room temp, I roll it out cold. Dough will keep for 1 day, after that toss.

            1 1/2 Cup of Monterey, Fontina, or Swiss
            1/2 Cup Mozzerella or Brie
            1/4 Cup Cheddar or Colby
            1 1/2 C Cream
            1/2 C Milk -1% or whatever you have
            1 tsp flour
            prepare the dough and roll it into a 9 inch Quiche or Springform pan, bring the dough up the sides, careful not to tear the dough working quickly and press firmly into place. Do not grease the pan - put the pastry lined pan back into the fridge until your ready to use.

            Prepare the veggies or meat prior to the pastry and then slice it getting it ready to layer as you pour the egg and sprinkle the cheeses..
            3-4 slices Procuitto or Good Quality Ham or Bacon - cooked and fat drained
            To grill I use a cast iron grill, or use a saute pan just go for carmelized
            6 Asparagas Spears, Grilled use olive oil on all the veggies Fresh Spinach, Green Onions, grilled 3 cloves of garlic grilled and sliced or Leeks grilled, Criminis browned and quartered, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil. Use any combination you like, keeping the total veggies to about 1 cup, after being chopped into chunky pieces

            Quiche batter
            4 lg eggs beaten and the flour
            1/4 tp ground fresh nutmeg
            Salt and pepper to taste
            Place foil around the bottom of the pan to ensure no leaking.
            Mix the batter well with a whisk, then to the pastry in the pan, place the cheese and the veggies in layers and add the egg mix gradually, (don't fill to the top! It will riseand then reach the top when baking,) gently push the pan careful not to spill.
            At 350 degrees in my gas oven, it took about 1 hour and 10 minutes, until the center of the quiche moves slightly when the pan is shaken, and the pastry is deep golden brown (cover the edge with foil if it becomes to brown) I would just keep a close eye, since all ovens cook differently.
            Prior to removing the quiche from the oven I add about a quarter of a cup of colby or cheddar to the top for effect.
            Once its cooled, undo the sping and remove the casing of the pan. place on a cake pedestal and slice warm pieces.

            My favorite is the crimini browned mushrooms, grilled garlic, leeks, and bacon. Sort of an UpTown Quiche Lorraine.....Enjoy!!

            ps you might want to see the note about putting the pasty line pan back into the fridge for awhile, remember your hands are warm, and that could cause the pastry to tear. So put it back in for 20 mins or so.

            I also want to add that I started to use the processor for speed sake. I can make the same pate brisee with a fork or my hands.