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Oct 30, 2007 11:34 AM

Late-night chow in Dupont or U Street?

Hi all,

A friend is arriving late Friday night (around 11pm), and we're likely going to want to grab some food and drinks in the Dupont Circle or U Street areas before calling it a night. Any ideas? We're not at all picky on cuisine, but I'd rather be in a more low-key setting instead of battling it out in a sports bar kind of place.


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  1. At that hour most kitchens are probably closing up shop.

    My suggestion would be to head over to Adams Morgan...even though the bars are usually an unbearable madhouse at 11pm on a Friday you can grab some good grub over at The Diner, some falfal at Amsterdam Falafal, or a gourmet hot dog at M'Dawgs.

    I'm not sure how many kitchens are still open other then those.

    If you are willing to head over to Georgetown for some reason you can get some good good over at Bistro Francais late into the night.

    Also, you might want to double check on this, but some of the Ethiopian places might serve late. Also check the hours at Busboys and Poets on U St.

    There's always Ben's Chili Bowl for some greasy eats.

    1. I just thought of the perfect place for you: The new Hudson. I haven't eaten there yet but it's in Dupont Circle and I believe it's open until 2 or 3am on Fridays.

      1. Afterwords is my favorite late night dining spot in Dupont. Love the share-sies -- choice of 3 appetiser plate for $10 or 12. They serve alcohol too.

        U Street has a ton of options for late night dining depending on your mood.

        1. I'm sure Chi Cha lounge on U serves late. You can get a burger at Childe Harold on Dupont after 11. I think I also remember hearing that the newish Station 9 on U serves late, especially on Friday/Saturday. Their web site says the food is served "till close." Burger or grilled cheese at Stoney's near Logan Circle (P and 15th, I think). Pub grub at Brickskeller. Islander Caribbean (U and 12th) might serve late. Russia House on Connecticut just north of the circle. I think Bistrot du Coin may serve that late on a Friday. Have fun!

          1. You shouldn't have much problem on a Friday, even late at night. Afterwards Cafe at Kramers books is open 24 hours on the weekends (as is The Diner in Admo). Circa still serves pizza and salads and the like and has a nice loungy atmosphere (probably a nice scene if you are looking for drinks too). Also Luna Cafe south of the circle has more homestyle food and is open late. I would think that chi-cha lounge would be good as well, though there is a $25 minimum per person on weekends and you have to deal with hookah smoke (which isn't always a bad thing). I like the scene there too, but sometimes it can be hard to get a table.

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            1. re: arose

              I was just at Chi Cha on Friday and there was no per-person minimum. We were there fairly early (9 ish?), so maybe the minimum is imposed later. I would agree that worse than the hookah smoke was the cigarette smoke. Either cigarettes are allowed due to the hookahs, or enforcers simply look the other way given the hookah smoke. At any rate, I wouldn't want to eat there if a lot of folks were smoking cigarettes, though the food we saw coming out looked nice.

              1. re: dcandohio

                We got hit with the per-person minimum at 9:30 at Chi Cha on a weekend night--even our pregnant friend. They wouldn't even let us average it out. It was also very crowded. I've eaten at Bistro du Coin very late in Dupont.