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Oct 30, 2007 11:21 AM

Pasta in Microwave?

I have a microwave safe container and was wondering if you thought this was even possible and how? I'm stuck in a dorm room so a microwave is all I've got.


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  1. Not in the microwave, I wouldn't recommend it. Like all college students, you'll probaby be forced to get yourself a hot pot and/or a small burner/hot plate if your dorm doesn't have a kitchen. You can only make a very small amount in most hot pots but it's good for things like soup. But the single burner is good, you can make just about anything you'd make on a regular burner.

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      I wanted to add that they do make some things like a kraft mac and cheese that you can do in the microwave, but I find it completely unpalatable compared to the regular stuff in the box, which is completely anti-chowhound but I do like it on occasion. You're better off getting the hot plate and go to the goodwill and get a few used pots and pans.

    2. Pasta is usually cooked by boiling. You can boil water in a microwave, but it may overflow the container. You can also cook pasta in water that is brought to boiling temperature and then allowed to sit for a period of time. I would use the second method. Heat the water to boiling. Take the container out of microwave. Add pasta. Cover. Wait for at least the cooking time listed on the pasta wrapper. It will probably take a little longer. Check a piece of pasta every couple of minutes after that until it's done.

      1. Microwaving is no. I've tried countless times and they all result in a mess. The pasta takes a long time to cook so you'll be microwaving for a long time and lots of overspills: it's just awful. I think easy mac uses a par cooked macaroni or something because I could never replicate those results on my own. Fresh pasta may work but it is a bit pricey in comparison to dry. Other starches you can cook in the microwave are: rice, grits (or polenta,) potatoes, and those bulgar wheats and wheat berry things, and couscous.

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          Personally I don't like the texture of "steamed" rice in a microwave - I've speculated it's because the kernels themselves "cook" rather than just being steamed from the "outside" as it were. I've heard that risotto would work well enough, though probably not as well as on the stove. A last ditch starch is always potatoes - not exactly "baked", but not half bad.

        2. It's easy to do IF you used the undried or "fresh" pasta that you buy in the grocer's cooler case. Just cook for about 10 minutes at around 50% power -- figure out what works for your microwave that doesn't cause a boilover mess. Unfortunately, if you're buying just regular pasta (like linguini, spaghetti doesn't seem to be available in that form) it's more expensive than dried pasta. Buy tortellini or ravioli and you'll get meat or cheese filling to make it a more complete meal at a reasonable price.

          1. My kids bought me one of these as a joke:
            As it turned out, this little gadget makes pretty good microwave pasta. Important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid boil over but I was impressed with how efficient it is.

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              My mom bought me a Pasta'N'More for Christmas, another gadget for microwaving pasta. I don't think it saves any time when I'm cooking, but using it does mean I don't have to crowd my stove with a pot of boiling water! Dried pasta comes out just like it would if I cooked it on the stove.