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Oct 30, 2007 11:20 AM

Brunch along CT Coast


Does anyone know a nice place to have brunch around New Haven CT and up to around Westbrook CT?

I am from around here but only really know about the Rusty Scupper, but I think that has closed (?)

Just looking for a place that has a nice big selection and a view wouldn't hurt, or even something small but good.

Thanks for any ideas and info.

Have a nice dinner,

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  1. I had lunch at Water's Edge Resort last winter - food was very good, I wouldn't call it gourmet or anything. Main dining room was very pretty and we were there on a weekday, so we got a lovely table by a window w/a view of the water. Sunday brunch is a buffet - don't know how you'll feel about that:

    1. Hello Pam, Im sending you a web site for Waters Edge Resort , They serve a sunday brunch with a view overlooking Long Island Sound. (
      )Take a look at this place. This is another place It seems to be a little on the unscale side if you know what I mean. I found one in Branford that looks real nice.(

      1. The Griswold Inn in Essex has a Sunday Brunch.

        The Rusty Scupper closed? Maybe it's for the best. I have never eaten there myself but heard it was not good. Maybe we can look forward to something new and wonderful on the waterfront!