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Oct 30, 2007 11:18 AM

Crab Meat [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

I'm originally from Baltimore, MD and miss the taste of a Baltimore crab. California doesn't sell crab meat in their markets. I usually have to go to Whole Foods. The box of crab meat I had said it was from Maryland but ofcourse it didn't taste like it. How can I get some authentic Baltimore crab meat in Los Angeles? Are there any places that will ship on dry ice?

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      1. re: Dennis S

        Oh, Faidley' computer doesn't have a font that expresses my fondness for Faidley's crabcakes.

        I would definitely see if they could provide you with the crab you want.

      2. It's really not Baltimore crab meat that you want; rather it's lump crab meat from the Chesapeake bay which tends to be sweeter than others. You also have to be careful-there is a lot of Mexican crab meat distributed by Maryland companies along with Phillips which is big into Indonesian crab meat and has come a long way from where they started in the '50's as, literally, a crab house in Ocean City.

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        1. re: Joe H

          Not only is the processed crab meat less sweet than Chesapeake crab meat, but I swear that the crabs are less sweet too - even the blue claw variety. I live in Texas now and was excited to find a market that sold live blue claws, from the Gulf, and they were good but not that same as what we like to eat when in Maryland.

        2. I am surprised you can't find crab in your grocery. I am in the San Francisco area and all stores( Safeway, Lucky's, ) have all kinds of crab. Then in China town you can find many types of live crab includng blue crab. Costco carries different types of crab. First choice, check out some Asian markets.

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          1. re: Janet

            Janet, on the East Cost Costco carries Phillips which has a Maryland address but the crab meat is from Indonesia. It REALLY is different from what I would describe as sweet Maryland lump crab meat. Even here, in the D. C. area, it is becoming more difficult to find REAL lump Chesapeake Bay crabmeat. When you can find it the texture, the subtle sweetness is just sublime-an awesome bite that justifies excessive indulgence. Excepting this Phillips which loosely bills itself as "Maryland" trumpets its own crab meat and other seafood features. Most, if not all, are from the Pacific Rim and a crab or crustacean that no one here would recognize. As for the taste, well, Phillips is betting/banking that most cannot taste the difference. For the few that can, for the many who regularly post/read the threads on here...there is a huge difference. Maryland bred lump crab meat cannot be duplicated outside of the greater Chesapeake Bay area. When sourced, cooked and tasted locally it is still, the absolute best there is. Simply (and, forgive me) you are not going to find real Mayland lump crab meat very far away from the Bay area. As difficult as it is to find here it has become virtually impossible to find elsewhere.

            1. re: Joe H

              Joe, several years ago we lived in the Baltimore area. I understand the crab issue from the Chesapeake area. But I was replying to the issue of no crab in LA grocery stores. CA groceries have a wonderful variety of crab and most seafoods. I find it hard to believe the OP can't find crab in LA.

              I feel about Dungeness crab as you feel about lump crab. There is nothing like it. You can only find it in its local areas.

              1. re: Janet

                The flavor and "sweetnes" have more to do with the way the meat is processed than with the location and/or species (Blue/Dungenesse) of crab. The crab meat from Vietnam/Indonesia that Phillips and Costco sell has undergone second v. intensive cook once in the container (can) hence the texture and flavor degrtadation.

                1. re: Pollo

                  Not true, crabs that are flown up from Texas to be steamed here are less sweet then crabs from Maryland. You can taste the difference.

                  1. re: hon

                    Sweetnes level is subjective.....

          2. Just as an FYI..I stopped at Franks Saefood in the Balt Seafood Market and they had "Gourmet Maryland JumboCrab Meat" at $38.00 a pound !!!!!!

            The loan request papers were at the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            1. re: Hue

              "Fresh" picked Dungenesse goes for anywhere from ~$28-$40/lb on the west coast...not cheap....

              1. re: Pollo

                That's why we buy live, and cook and pick it ourselves. Not so hard to be worth $40 a pound,