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Oct 30, 2007 11:06 AM

SF - Goza Goza Cuban sandwich truck ... real Cuban, NOT Mexican Cubanos

The truck is hidden at the intersection where Otis, Gough and McCoppin meet ... right near Mission.

For $6 you get a true Cubano on soft, grilled French roll with slices of roasted pork, a slice of fried ham, melted Swiss cheese and a pickle.

While it is not up there with a Florida sandwich, it is one of the better versions I've tried in the Bay Area.

They also sell burritos and tacos, but the truck, I'm guessing, is about the Cuban Sandwich. They don't even list the meat available for the tacos.

The aqua frescas looked interesting ... they had mamey ... but it turns out they are bottled, not house made.

The food gods led me here because ... sheesh ... that ain't an easy location to get to. I was hell-bent on Friday to eat a sputnick burger at Russian Renaissance ... even rescheduled my SF appointments ... RR has discontinued lunch. So then I figure if Cafe Katya has any parking near it I'd FINALLY try that Russian joint since Friday is one of the few days it is open for lunch. No parking. So I figure ... ok ... the Yucatan joint on 16th and as I drove down Gough to get from Geary to the Mission ... voila ... Goyza Goyza ... I circle the block intrigued by the Cuban sandwich sign ... a parking place opens up next to it ... the food gods speaketh. ... so I figured despite the slow software which took 20 minutes to post this I'd spread the word. Open Mon-Fri 10an - 6pm

Tacos Goza Goza Truck
25th St and Harrison St, San Francisco, CA

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  1. Good one.

    A surprisingly tasty Cubano is made by the Panini Time packaged sandwich people with the standard ingredients on focaccia with a chipotle mayo. Have not eaten it pressed or heated, but cold it's better than any I've had since I last ate at La Teresita in Tampa/St. Pete 10 years ago. I suspect that your truck will be even better.

    1. Excellent tip. Sounds like its behind the McRosky store?

      We've been reading all the Dexter novels which are set in Miami. The constant references to Cuban food have been driving us crazzzzy. I've even set travelocity to watch fares to Miami.

      We went to Paladar last Friday for lunch. The menu is robust and the food quite good but since Goza Goza is just down the street, we'll definitely be checking it out. Did you notice if they have any other Cuban specialities?

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      1. re: larochelle

        What did you have at Paladar - and how was it?

        1. re: lmarie

          Palador was quite good. I had the media noche de pollo, BFF had the cubano. Both sandwiches were well balanced with juicy & tender meats.

          We shared the banana chips (with garlic dipping sauce) and the crispy cassava (with spicy aoli). The place was packed and every dish we saw looked great.

          Its a haul for both of us so its not going to became a regular hang-out, but we'll definitely go back.

          1. re: larochelle

            Where's Palador?

            Have you tried Laurel's on Oak? I like Mambo's in San Rafael, but some of the dishes can be solid.

            I keep wanting to try El Rincon on 16th that is a club at night. Seems like they discontinued lunch and I'm not in that area usually at night anymore.

            1. re: rworange


              Paladar Cafe Cubano
              329 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108

        2. re: larochelle

          That was it. The Cuban sandwich.

          Yeah... that's not my neck of the woods so I'm not sure if it is behind McRosky. It is a block down from the carwash on Mission/Van Ness.

          1. re: rworange

            We checked the otis-gough intersection yesterday around 3pm - it wasn't there.

            Its not that "permanent" truck on the V lot (not on the street) at Mission/Van Ness that's completely changed their menu a couple of times in the past few years?

            1. re: larochelle

              No, Goza Goza is on the street, but that is the block I circled to get back to the Cuban sandwich truck. You take a hard left at the permanent cart heading back to the Mission and it should be at the spot where the three streets converge under some trees.There is a small parking lot next to it.

              The permanent truck is El Pelon. As long as you reminded me about it, might as well ask.

        3. Real Cubanos! I just got back from a week in NY, the highlight of which was a delicious one from my favorite place on Flatbush Ave, and I'm already missing them. I'll check it out tomorrow and report back.

          BTW, the Google map in the link is a mess -- it seems to be showing an Otis Street in a completely different city. Possibly a completely different universe.

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          1. re: JoyM

            Just to be clear ... it is not Miami standard, but good for the Bay Area. It's not the real roll, but still a suitable French roll and nicely grilled. The pickle is a plain old pickle. Still, nice pieces of roast pork. I might ask for an extra slice of melted Swiss next time though.

            1. re: JoyM

              It works if you enter Otis St and Gough St as an intersection and also the city and state. It appears to be very close to the newish Octavia St onramp.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. rworange, thanks for the tip! This is extremely close to my work, but I don't usually venture down that block of Gough.....but I will later this week and I'll report back!

                Dave MP

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                  whats the word on the mustard ratio. The excessive amount on mine at Sol food - killed my taste buds the whole meal