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Oct 30, 2007 10:51 AM

quick dinner in atwater

i take a dance class on glendale blvd in atwater village, and i'm looking for a place to get a bite to eat before hand. Tacos Villa Corona would be perfect (the spinach and papas burrito .. mmmm), but they close too early. as does the deli next to kaldi. and kaldi itself doesn't have much in the food department. any ideas?

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  1. Indochine is not bad, I like the chicken pho and the vietnamese crepes.

    1. go straight to canale and do not stop. sit at the bar and immediately order the salt cod brandade. it will change your life...and probably your plans for the is likely you will stay for dinner! this place ROCKS!

      1. There's Elena's further up Glendale Blvd. Good Greek/mediterranean.

        1. i do want to go to canele, and i love brandade (it was a distant cry from my regular, more plebian eating, but i first had brandade at vicente in brentwood and it kind of changed my life), but i'll save that one for for a non-dance night..

          indochine and elena's sound great. thanks for the tips! is indochine a sit-down, or is it pretty quick?

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            It's sit-down, but the service has vastly improved since its opening and it's pretty quick now.
            And Elena's is on Glendale Ave., not Glendale Blvd. -- also sit-down and not so quick necessarily. Nearby is Chicken Al-Wazir, which might be a bit quicker, but of course you're not really near Atwater anymore.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              Tell me more about Elena's -- never been. Is it Greek?

              1. re: Silverlaker

                Other people on the board are bigger fans than I am -- I thought they had good kebabs, but it seemed like there was no sauce and few side dishes, so everything seemed dry. I hear the lentil soup is really good, though. It's called Greek-Armenian but there isn't really anything recognizably Greek, as far as I can see. Worth checking out since it's pretty close and cheap, but only if you're a big chicken or lamb kebab fan.

          2. a couple updates:
            - i ended up going to India Sweets and Spices on Los Feliz for super cheap indian food which hit the spot. It was a little spicey for me, so I might adjust what I order in the future accordingly.
            - and as we learn from chowpatty's blog, if i wait a bit, Soy Cafe will also be an option: (