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Oct 30, 2007 10:30 AM

Sugar's in Embudo, NM

Does anyone have the scoop on Sugar's? Are they still open? Have they sold? I'm looking forward to a brisket burrito, but don't want to get my hopes up.

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  1. Far as I know they are still open, was there in july

    1. Yes, they are very much open. It is up for sale but the food is as good as ever! I live in Abiquiu about 45 minutes from Embudo and go there often. Call first as their winter hours have changed. I think they are closed Tues, Wed them -

      1. I was there last week; it is open, the food is as wonderful as I remembered it to be, and is still for sale. They are planning to be closed to be closed for around 10 days during Xmas/New Year's.

        We had brisket burritos and fries for lunch and they would have been worth traveling from Milwaukee just for those.

        I'll be posting a full report on our New Mexico trip in a day or two.

        1. just ate there on thursday. was on vacation from NJ and drove by at 5:15 hoping it was open. they close at 6pm so i got lucky. the brisket burrito was unbelievably delicious. so glad i got to try it. i spoke to the owners, very friendly and open. they own the land and its been for sale for a long time, but they have no intention of closing. his wife is ill, so the times vary but they are supposed to be open Th-M til 6pm. i questioned him on how he cookes his meats and he was very open about it. but i won't reveal what he told me. Incredibly tender and moist, just a bit of smoke flavor, not overpowering. i also tried the sausage, like a kielbasa, which he makes himself. very good but that brisket... i'll be dreaming about it for weeks. a week in santa fe and the most memorable meal was at Sugar's.

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            I won't dispute that Sugar's in Embudo is good but next time you are in Santa Fe with a BBQ craving make sure you get to Josh's BBQ on the far south side in the shops adjacent to the Lowe's Hardware and new Regal 14 movie theatre; Cerrillos Road at Zafarano.

            From having no BBQ, now Santa Fe has two; Josh's is the one to go to, really good.

            Gil Garduno in ABQ who writes about restaurants all over New Mexico raved.


            1. re: fyfas

              You are correct about Josh's. I had lunch there on my recent trip and was astounded; even the potato salad was great!

              But other than the quality of the food, there is virtually no similarity at all between Sugar's and Josh's. Sugar's is in a trailer on the highway and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Josh's is in a strip mall on the horrific wonder that is Cerrillos Road.

              No problem: if you are on your way to or from Taos, Sugar's is the place to go. If you are intent on staying in town or heading down the Turquoise trail, Josh's is there for you.

              As if Santa Fe wasnt already just this side of heaven, as Fyfas has pointed out, you now have two great barbeques! I've been home just shy of three weeks and am already planning the next trip.

              1. re: Fydeaux

                Went to the movies there and planned to eat at Josh's after. But it was 9:15 and they were closed. As was just about every other place in SF. Not used to that coming from NYC. Luckily Maria's was still open and got a tasty bowl of green chile stew. Can't get that in NYC even at 2 AM although you can get just about anything else.