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Oct 30, 2007 10:24 AM

Advanced cooking class in Thailand?

My girlfriend and I are interested in taking an advanced cooking class in Thailand. We've already taken Kasma Loha-unchit's beginning and intermediate class series here in the Bay Area, and have learned a large assortment of dishes.

You can see the dishes we've learned, listed under Beginning and Intermediate, here:

As you can see, a basic thai cooking class featuring pad thai, gai pad gaprow, a couple basic curries, etc., would be a little redundant for us. But if there's a serious cooking class where we could learn some more unusual regional dishes, etc., we would love to do it.

We'll definitely be in Chang Mai, Bangkok, and Krabi, so a class in one of those places would be great. Any suggestions?

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  1. The only one I know of is this one:
    Sounds a bit over the top. I've never taken classes there, but I drive by it all the time (it's not far from my house). They teach royal cuisine, very complicated palace food.

    I'm sure you could also tailor a class with a local cooking school. Tell them you've studied and practiced a ton already, and you're looking for a more advanced class. I'm sure if they have time they'd do it.

    Is this your first time in Thailand?

    1. A good basic class is offered at a very reasonable price in a rather charming purpose built building by BaiPai in Bangkok. The staff was very friendly and they indicate they can do special classes on request. Not a "serious" school but you might email them with exactkly what you desire.

      1. Baipai and Blue Elephant are both good in different ways. Baipai is more low key and you will probably get more of a feel for making the dish. It's in a outdoor setting so if you are going during the hot season, it maybe uncomfortable. Blue Elephant recipes are more complex and the demonstrations are good, but the hands on side was very rushed. All of your ingredients are premeasured and lined up for you and there are several assistants roving around "helping", so you end up doing a lot of stirring while other people dump the ingredients in your work.

        The Landmark Hotel on Sukhumvit also has cooking classes at their attached restaurant, but I haven't taken it.