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Oct 30, 2007 10:23 AM

Outdoor Seating on the East Side

Just started working on the East Side and I'm looking for some places for lunch with outdoor seating. Thanks in advance !

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    1. Taqueria Piedras Negras #2 (Trailer-Cesar Chavez and Pleasant Valley-benches)
      Reggies (Trailer-12th and Chicon-benches)
      El Chile (Manor)

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      1. re: Twill

        Also on Manor, Vivo has one of the most beautiful patios in Austin.

        A little further east, El Chilito has a nice covered area.
        Luis's Bar-B-Q ( MLK just west of Airport ) and Sam's (12th just east of Chicon) each have a few picnic tables.
        Azul (1808 E. Ceaser Chavez), Blue Delilah (1115 E. 11th ) and Cafe Mundi (1704 E. 5th) have the sandwich thing covered.
        Or just grab some take-out and hit the picnic tables near where Chicon dead-ends into Lady Bird Lake.

        1. re: Alan Sudo

          I was going to suggest just grabbing some tacos from La Michoacana and heading down to the Fiesta Gardens park area, but you one-upped me, Alan.

          1. re: Twill

            El Chile on Manor has a nice patio too.