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Oct 30, 2007 09:51 AM

Cape Verdean food in NYC and/or NJ?


I just spent a glorious two weeks in the Boston area, sampling ethnic foods in different neighborhoods. I had the pleasure to have Cape Verdean cuisine in two restaurants -- Cesaria in Dorchester and Cristal in Brockton. So yummy! I had the bacalhau at Cristal con todos, a humongous codfish dish with stewed potatoes and cabbage alongside rice and red beans and hardboiled eggs. I had the beef mozambique at Cesaria, a delicious entree with a juicy steak, shrimp, rice and potatoes, and fried eggs.

The owner of Cesaria told me that there is a thriving Cape Verdean community in Newark, and that I might find a restaurant there. He also said that Brooklyn Heights and Yonkers used to have restaurants, but he wasn't sure if there were still operating.

Can someone recommend good Cape Verdean food in the NYC-metro area? In any of the five boroughs and the close neighborhoods in NJ.

Thank you!!

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  1. I am interested as well. Where they're any responses? Heard there's a CV resto on New York Ave. I'm in search for it.

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      If there are no responses seen, there were none posted; this is 6 years old.

      Please post on the NJ (for Newark) or Outerboroughs board (for Brooklyn).

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        And for Yonkers, the New York State board.