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Oct 30, 2007 09:35 AM

Is sherry poisonous?

I am trying to raffle off a bottle of Dry Sack Sherry produced and bottled by Williams and Humbert, Jerez and London, imported from Spain, at least 35 years old. Has been stored by a former liquor store owner all these years. Though it is tightly sealed on the outside, if there is a cork, it appears to be very mildly leaking if tipped. Is this any good or will it be poisonous? Please help.

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  1. Yes, there should be cork. When you say "mildly leaking", do you mean that when you tip the bottle, you're getting actual drops forming? Or just that there seems to be staining from from years of being on its side? If the former, it's probably very off. If the latter, it means that the cork is saturated, and no longer a proper seal, in which case the wine is less certainly, but still probably, off. The wine will not be poisonous, but might well be undrinkable. I wouldn't raffle it off. Keep it for yourself. It might be good, or it might be vinegar (or worse). If vinegar, use it in salad.

    1. It won't be poisonous!

      Probably not very good, possibly undrinkable, but certainly not poisonous . . .

      1. Wine is never poisonous after any length of time. This could be interesting, or not.