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Oct 30, 2007 09:34 AM

az - fav day trip to see local wineries


i recently did a culinary trip all over northern az, including several wineries in cornville. i'll admit - i was shocked that i liked a couple so much ;)

i'm inspired to branch out and try more. i hear there are some wineries tucson-ish. can anyone recommend one? i'd prefer a day trip, if its longer than 2 hours i'll save it for a weekend.

please - don't say kokopelli. i've really tried to like that stuff but *shudder* i feel like i'm in college again drinking bartles & james. the winearita? really? its the color of kool-aid!!!

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  1. There are several south of Tucson. should help your planning. My favorite is Callaghan Vineyards

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    1. I've had some from Dos Cabezas that I've liked...

      1. Second Dos Cabezas. IMO they are currently making the best wines is AZ. The winemaker/owner Todd Bostock is passionate about wine and a really nice guy.

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          Yep, agree mightily with Callaghan, Dos Cabezas and would add Rancho Rossa.

          All were shockingly great and impressive to me, and the area is beautiful. If you don't get caught in too much traffic heading out of Phx or through Tucson, it's just about 2 hours each way. Well worth it. Plus, you can either eat out there, or plan to stop at Cafe Poca Cosa on the way home.

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            awesome - dos cabezas for sure then. we're planning a day trip for after the first of the year. i'll report back :)

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              Can't wait to hear back!

              I have been nagging the bf to get us down there again this harvest season. I loved that part of AZ in a way I didn't think I would. Just beautiful and soulful - perfect for wine production.

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                Dos cabezas has the only tasting room on the main street in Sonoita. Kelly & Todd will be there to do the tastings. Also if Canela's is open (Kelly will know) for dinner it's a must. Great chefs I believe from Oregon. Also ask Kelly about the great coffee shop in Patagonia. have a great trip!

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              Todd from Dos Cabezas is married to my childhood girlfriend and they are both wonderful people and very talented. My husband and I went down to check out their new tasting room and had some wonderful wines, we always order their wines when we dine at Pizzeria Bianco. It is definitely worth the trip to see that part of AZ countryside and meet some very passionate wine/food people.

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                Yes! Loved Todd and wife when we met them down there...also, we drank 2 bottles of their wine last time we were at Pizzeria Bianco - it really is a great point of pride for AZ (wine country)

            3. My wife and I did a weekend in Sonoita area this May, specifically for the wineries. Stayed at a quiet B&B and did the tour as it were. Not many choices but some were surprisingly good. Dos Cabezas was quite good and others were very enjoyable. Elgin Winery is to be avoided, unless you really want to step back into the "bad old days" of winemaking. Not many wineries to visit, but it was a very relaxing (and cool) weekend.