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Oct 30, 2007 09:33 AM

2 nights in SF and 2 nights in Napa-Suggestions PLEASE!?

I know that there are many postings similar to the one I am about to write- but I will be specific in my questions and I look forward to the responses.......My husband and myself along with 2 other couples will be in SF for 2 nights and Napa for 2 nights around New Years Eve.
I have been to Boulevard on other trips to SF in the past and have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere. I am considering taking my friends to Boulevard and am interested in other suggestions. As for now I am thinking about A16 or Townhall.
Are these good choices? For lunch I am definitely thinking the Ferry Building Market. Am I missing anything?
Has anyone heard anything about Cook in Napa? It was recommended to me by a friend as a fun and lively local italian place. Also, Farm? we are thinking about Farm for New Years as we will be at Carneros. I also love Taylors Refresher if the weather permits. I am also going to go to Bouchon and possibly Fume for brunch? Any advice or better suggestions?
I really appreciate the help- this is my first time on Chowhound and I love it already!!!
When traveling I always plan my trips around when and where and how often I can eat!

also, fun bars for a group of 6 people.............

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  1. Glad you posted this because I have two couples coming to visit and we are doing one night in Napa and the rest in SF and have the same questions. For the Napa area, we are thinking Bouchon or Tra Vigne.

    For SF, I would skip Townhall... I have never really been that wowed by them. I am thinking about Myth, Scott Howard, Foreign Cinema... we're thinking nice but affordable.

    Bar recs are welcome too!

    1. I have heard great things about the Farm. I haven't tried it, my husband has and his report was glowing. (and he doesn't often pay attention to what he eats.) For very lively Italian/California Cuisine in Napa, Bistro Don Giovanni. Visiting the Ferry Building in S.F. and eating at the bar at the Slanted Door is my fave! It's hard to get seated so make reservations ahead, but if you're willing to sit at the bar, the chef will often hand you samples of food he's making for other diners in addition to the dishes you order. As far as Bouchon is concerned, I actually prefer to stop in the bakery, pick up one or two of their wonderful creations/breads, and a double espresso and eat on the patio if weather permits. Friends of mine are very partial to Fume though. Sounds like a fun trip.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. That foreign cinema place looks really unique- might be a fun place to try...... we are also thinking about eating breakfast in napa at boonfly cafe, in carneros and i would also not mind a stop at oakville grocery or dean and deluca!