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Client dinner help!


I need your help!! Looking for a restaurant with the following (cuisine type really doesnt matter):

1. needs to have GREAT atmosphere - not too loud but not quiet, just good lively atmosphere
2. Nice but not stuffy
3. Ideally more of a downtown/village area locale - or Upper West Side

Please let me know your thoughts!! Many thanks ahead of time.

FYI - I had originally booked Il Cantinori but not sure it is really all that special or "lively"???

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  1. What's your price point (including wine)?

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        Needs to be a nice place, so $$ doesnt really matter. Just not one of the "top" expensive restaurants in NY...so obviously not Per Se, masa, etc. Looking for just really good atmosphere and food, good service. $$ isnt that important.

        Industry is computers so it can really be anything!!

    1. I recently had a great business dinner at craft steak, (10th ave at 15th st).

      1. Crispo (14th btwn 8th/9th) might fit the bill. It might be a little too loud on weekend nights, but I had a business dinner there on a Tuesday, and it was great.
        If you're open to Indian food, Devi (18th btwn Broadway/5th) is up and running again, and I had a terrific business dinner there. It's a beautiful room. But I haven't heard any reports on it since it reopened. Also, another drawback is there's not much a bar area, so if you have a group and are planning on drinks first, there isn't a lot of room to wait.
        Some other ideas: Landmarc, The Harrison, both in Tribeca.

        1. Hi stargirl0129,

          For downtown, Perry Street has a very sleek decor and the tables are spaced well so no overhearing of neighbors' conversations. Food is delicious and there is a bar to start off your dinner! It has a "cool" but non-stuffy ambience.

          For UWS, I will put my vote to Telepan - causal elegant without being stuffy. Great for business dinner IMO.

          1. Bouley or Danube downtown on Hudson St.

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              We went to Danube recently (posted a report). The room is gorgeous (not as formal as Chanterelle) and quiet. We went on a Friday night and it was not lively (OP requirement). Danube and The Harrison are in different leagues. The food was better at The Harrison, second smallfrog's suggestion. We would return to Danube for drinks in the lounge.

            2. I like the atm and food at Ouest on the UWS. You have these lovely old-school, round, red leather banquettes, which are great for group conversations. It's more of the friendly and homey, than the snotty, school of French food.

              Mercer Kitchen in the W. Village might be good. It's sceney, but the food is good. I hope someone can offer impressions of noise level, since I don't remember.

              For something warmer / cosier / homier, try either Blue Ribbon Bakery or Mas.

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                i'll put in a second for ouest, telepan and devi. i had a great business dinner at devi with a notable guest speaker from out of town.

              2. I second Perry Street and Landmarc. Also Peasant on Elizabeth Street has great ambience and wonderful Italian food. And Craft, of course, is always a winner.
                You are right, Il Cantinori is a bit stuffy.