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Oct 30, 2007 09:23 AM

District Chophouse?

Someone requested recommendations for restaurants near the Verizon Center and this jogged my memory that I have a birthday party in 2 weeks at the District Chophouse.

I literally hear nothing about this place, so I'm curious if anyone has ever eaten there and if it's any good.

I was a little skeptical only because my friends throwing the party are so not Chowhounds :). But looking at the menu it doesn't look too bad...especially the prices which are not outrageous for a steak-centered restaurant. Any thoughts?

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  1. There's a reason why it's never in a list of best steakhouses, either for steak, sides, cocktails, or service. As a burger-and-beer place, it's just fine. Not great, not terrible. But it does tend to get crowded on the weekend. I suppose you could do a lot worse.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      Steak tips are usually a safe bet at places like that I imagine. I haven't had really good steak tips since moving to DC. There are so many great places to find tips--be it steak, lamb, or chicken in Boston. I miss them as a staple bar/pub food.

      I saw them on the Chophouse menu and got a little excited. I'll make sure to report back.

    2. Chophouse has a great chopped salad. I think they call it the Chophouse Salad. Nothing else was a stand-out for me, and when I worked nearby, I ate their salad 4 days a week without tiring of it.

      One hint: orderthe dressing on the side, so that it doesn't get over-dressed.

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        Thanks for the salad advice.

        Unfortunatly I think this is going to be one of those situations where we just divide the bill among everyone at the table...and in those cases I've realized that it's a lot smarter to just go ahead and order the meat dishes since you are going to end up paying for them anyway. My pet peeve is ordering a $10 salad and then having to pay $30 for it. lol

      2. I had a friend who had a secret diner gig - and whenever he got the Chophouse I'd be the guest. Can't go wrong being required to order at the bar, then sit and eat a full meal plus dessert (which Port counted as).

        Unfortunately he's not had that gig for a couple of years.

        In summation of my memories, it was great when it was free; would've been okay enough, food wise, if paying for it - but I probably wouldn't have gone on my own to eat there. I remember the beers being decent though - if I remember correctly they brew some themselves.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          Anything in particular that was good?

          1. re: Elyssa

            Sorry, food wise I can't recall any standouts. Looking at the menu I'm betting heavily that I ordered the pepper crusted NY strip. I don't recall anything being bad, mind you, but no standouts.

          2. re: Dennis S

            The beers, which they do brew themselves, are good. I've particularly enjoyed the weizenbock (something of an obscure style - a strong, malty wheat beer).

            1. re: Bill4242

              All I remember is that I was NOT a fan of the burger.

          3. It really isn't that good. I have been corralled into going there a couple of times, and there is nothing to recommend it. Expensive, average food, lots of tourists, service is only average, the wait staff clearly are instructed to do some weird things. If you have to go get the porterhouse, but I would look elsewhere.

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            1. re: fishie

              Well unfortunatly I don't have the choice to look elsewhere because it's a birthday party for a friend. But I'm usually easy to please, especially if my expectations aren't high. Plus....doesn't good company count for something in an evening out? :)

              1. re: Elyssa

                You are right good company counts for a LOT. Let us know how it goes.

              2. re: fishie

                This was the hardest and funniest part of the secret diner gig. Everyone has to say their name and get yours; we were to order drinks at the bar - then get a table and have them transfer everything, etc. Keep in mind that the restaurant itself designs the secret diner checklist.

                1. re: Dennis S

                  I'm very confused about this Secret Diner thing. Is it a club? I thought you were saying that a friend of yours was a food critic or something and brought you along.

                    1. re: Chris VR

                      Interesting...never heard of this before but it's a certainly a good way to get some free meals I'm sure. I imagine it's mostly for chain restaurants or restaurants owned by larger groups etc.

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        That's right. Places like Cashion's aren't going to sign up (at least not often) unfortunately...

              3. I had my friend's birthday party this past weekend at District Chophouse. I wasn't expecting much but it ended up being not bad. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't wonderful but it was certainly decent and if I had to eat there again I would be fine with it.

                I had the sirloin tips which were served in a nice steak sauce with sauteed mushrooms. A classic dish that I don't find in DC too often but use to get all the time a various bars and neighborhood grills in Boston growing up. It was served with a HUGE delicious portion of buttermilk mashe potatoes. I'm a major mashed potatoes fan and these certainly passed the test.

                Also all entrees are served with a nice size salad and then provide crumbled blue cheese and parmesan on the table to sprinkle on. Each table also gets a caste iron dish of really, really good corn bread. I had to move it away from me otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing.

                A lot of my friends got the various types of steaks. They all looked good with very big servings. Almost everyone at the table took left overs home.

                The price is certainly spot on if that's what you are looking for. My sirloin tips were around $20 where you get the salad and bread with it. Not bad. I think the most expensive steak is around $30-$35.

                One really, really annoying thing is the fact that they wouldn't sit out entire party until we showed up. We had 15 people and the entire red line was shut down around the time of our reservation. We told them we were planning on spending a lot of money there (the entire bill came to around $775) and were going to order at least 2 bottles of wine when we sat down. It took some annoying back and forth but they finally sat us down while waiting for the 4 people stuck on the trian. Personally I felt we were more in the way just standing by the door then sitting at the table that we could visably see was already set up for us.

                Overall not a terrible place to eat. Of course in that area there are a lot of other options but if you want a steak spot with decent service and moderate prices you could always go to District Chophouse. I also saw a bunch of families there (coming from the hockey game I imagine) so they are clearly family friendly.