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Publish Your Own Recipe on CHOW

We've got a new feature: publish your own recipe on CHOW!

A member recipe is your very own original recipe. (Be sure to read the small print, though: copyrighted material should not be posted on the site.) Share them with friends, post links to the Home Cooking boards, or just keep them to yourself for future reference.

And here's how it's done: to publish a recipe, just click the Publish-a-recipe button -- it's in multiple places, including on all recipes, on the CHOW home page, and in the CHOW header at the top of all pages. Or just click here: http://www.chow.com/recipes/publish . You'll see a bunch of fields, ready and waiting for your culinary masterpiece. You can upload a photo, and associate the recipe with other recipes on CHOW. Let us know how it works for you, and what's not clear.

You can access all your member recipes in your myCHOW profile page, under Favorites.

Along with all this newness, you'll see that we've redesigned our recipe pages. We've put in better browsing capability -- by cuisine and by course, so if one recipe doesn't suit you, you should be able to find others quickly. And we've revealed the tags attached to each recipe, so that you can cross-reference -- see all roasts, for example: http://www.chow.com/tags/325-roast.

We'll be implementing ratings in the next few days. If other Chowhounds have rated a recipe, you'll see the aggregated ratings on the right below the video. You'll be able to rate any recipe.

Just like with Places, we're calling this beta: that means you should try it out, and let us know what you think. What works, what doesn't work, what you like. As usual, we'll be monitoring your reactions here on the Site Talk board, and fixing anything that's broken as quickly as possible.

We've got great plans for our member recipes. Soon you'll be able to submit them in contests. If you want to get ahead of the game, get your holiday cookie recipes in the database now. We'll be asking for your best recipes to enter into our first contest, in November.

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  1. I think it's a totally rad feature with greatly improved design and functionality...but I am only one man.

    1. Is there a delay before a recipe shows up? I posted a long one yesterday under side dishes but I do not see it there.

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      1. re: atheorist

        There may be a delay, i can look into it. but i found your recipe on your favorites page: http://www.chow.com/recipes/11187

        1. re: davina

          The link you've posted is broke. I get "sorry but...." anyway. When you are up and running this sounds fun, and a great way to organize since my bookmarks are so full! I hope your successful, and can't wait for the contest!

          1. re: davina

            I thought I checked off for it to appear under "Side Dish" and under "Russian" but it does not seem to...
            Maybe it should be a "project" instead of a side dish.

        2. I'm a bit confused. Is there any way to distinguish between CHOW recipes and member recipes without clicking on them? Is it possible now, or might it be sometime in the future, to search only for one and not the other? or at least to have the two distinguised in the search results?

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          1. re: JoanN

            You're right: at the moment the recipes aren't distinguished in search results or queries, but we plan to change that.

            1. re: davina

              Thanks - I agree that that would be a nice feature. One thing that has kept me from posting recipes at this point, FWIW, is that one of the useful aspects of the HC board is the dialogue about recipes that ensues after one posts them. I know that the recipe function has a comment part to it, but since it doesn't show up the way posts do, and one can't reply to a comment, I'm not sure at this point how interesting it is to me. Just something to think about. Of course, the nice formatting of the recipe function is a positive.

              1. re: MMRuth

                That's true, and it's something we've discussed. We thought that people would publish their recipes, then post a link to HC to start a discussion about them, or share them. Would that work for you?

                1. re: davina

                  If I understand what you're suggesting, I don't offhand see an advantage to having a recipe in one place and the discussion/tweaks somewhere else. If someone posts a recipe and someone else says I tried it but would double the amount of X and halve the amount of Y, I'd want to see that at the time I was reading the recipe rather than having to click somewhere else to find out whether or not anyone had any specific recommendations.

                  1. re: JoanN

                    I agree - and I don't think that the comment section in Recipes (as I guess I said above) can replace the community dynamic on the HC board - not that it was intended to, of course.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      FWIW - I've been thinking more about why I haven't used this feature - and I guess that, so far, I can't find a reason to use it rather than just post on the Home Cooking board.

          2. Just curious - Is the browse by cuisine function in recipes supposed to work with member recipes?
            If yes, then it's not working.
            When I browse by Korean, nothing shows up.

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            1. re: hannaone

              You're right, it's working for tags, but not for cuisines.
              here's tags:
              but cuisine is empty:

              i'll look into it.

            2. savina,
              I added my recipe for garbanzo soup, unfortunately I saw a couple of typos and could fix them, can you help me with that. Also I added a picture but I don't see that it was added.
              thanks - sharon

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              1. re: chef chicklet

                Hi there,

                I see your photo there: http://www.chow.com/recipes/11248
                Do you see an "edit" link at the top right, to the right of the title? If you click that, you should be able to make the changes you want.

              2. the idea is cool, but is there a direct link to CH member recipes??;

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                1. re: sixelagogo

                  According to Davina - above - looks like not yet:


                  But hannaone has been updating a list on the home cooking board:


                2. It seems the "goes with" function isn't working. I've been trying to link several of the kimchi and ban chan recipes I posted to go with each other and with the bulgogi recipe here:
                  but it isn't working.

                  1. I just saw this feature. I understand the copyright issue. One of the really offputting features of online recipe posting sites is that people claim other peoples recipes - or recipes that are essentially public domain - as their own. As we all know, most culinary creativity is basically on the margins, although many hounds are wonderful creative cooks that never look at a recipe, there is usually one or more source.

                    I think it would be an advance - and make me more comfortable with this feature - to add a field for sources - where the recipe came from, how it was developed - that would give credit where credit was due. - i.e. I tweaked a recipe my Mom got in the 40s from a swedish friend to sub butter for some/all of the shortening or "I was inspired by a dish I had at Suzanne Goin's restaurant/saw online at x" Thought Maida Heatters recipe from Great Cookies was really great but I only had y on hand and substitute it for the x she calls for" - like we do in normal posts on the home cooking board.

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                    1. re: jen kalb

                      That's a great idea, jen -- and an important point. It's something we encourage people to do in the introduction field.

                    2. Just a tip for those who have posted more than one recipe:

                      In the tags section be sure to include your screen name for every recipe you submit.
                      This will let you generate one link that will show an "index" of your recipes - like this one


                      As long as you include the "name tag" in any new recipe postings, this "index" will refresh itself to include the new material.