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Oct 30, 2007 08:34 AM

Good food near the American Airlines Center-Dallas

I am coming into town for a concet and wanted to know some good places to eat near the stadium. thanks, and any hotel info would be great as well. I would probably prefer someplace with good steaks, with great sauces. But I am open to anything good. I heard there is a great fried chicken place, maybe in garland, but I forget the name.

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  1. Well, that would be "Babe's" in Garland, quite far from where you will be...Nice but old hotels near your area...The Anatole and The Melrose....Great and New hotel near your area....The W.....On to restaurants....I tell people who are wanting to eat near American Airlines Center, to eat in the Oak Lawn, Downtown, or Uptown Area...( all of these areas are close together)...a great steak and sauce can be found at Stephen Pyles..downtown, you will need reservations ASAP and it is expensive, but their ribeye is out of this world...There is also a place in Oak Lawn called "Nick and Sam's"...good steak, cocktails...Also is Oak Lawn in Abacus and Dean Fearing of "The Mansion", opened a new place in the W hotel called "Fearings"...These are just a few suggestions...All are places with great food, ambience, and price tags....All are required reservations type places....For something less expensive and interesting, I suggest La Duni for dinner...Two locations in Oaklawn, they don't take reservations, so you would need to get there early...Good luck

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      Fearing's is in the Ritz-Carlton, not the W.
      Abacus is on McKinney Avenue, not on Oak Lawn.
      One La Duni restaurant is on Oak Lawn Avenue, the other on McKinney Avenue in the Knox-Henderson area.

      The most convenient hotels to the AAC are the W, the Ritz-Carlton, the Crescent Court, and Hotel Zaza. The W is within walking distance, and the other hotels can shuttle you to the Center.

      You can get good steaks at N9NE steakhouse or Victory Tavern, both just steps away from the south entrance of the AAC, as is NOVE Italiano.

      You can also get a fine meal at Craft, inside the W Hotel. Kenichi, in the W's residential tower, serves sushi and nouvelle Japanese. Japanese fusion can be had at Nobu in the Crescent, where BICE Italian is also located. Continuing north on McKinney Avenue, Yutaka Sushi Bistro is one of the better such joints in the city.

      1. re: guttural

        how is the pyramid grill, located in the fairmont? that is where I decided to stay, it was the best deal-4 stars for 143. not too bad. I figured it would be easy to just eat there. What about breakfast in the morning? I was told of some all night place that has great breakfast, maybe cafe brazil?

        1. re: winstone

          A few all-night places with breakfast - Cafe Brazil, Buzz Brews, Metro Diner.

          All day breakfast at the Belmont Hotel - haven't tried it yet, but it should be good.

          Stephan Pyles Restaurant is in the next block from the Fairmont - good steak there - the Cowboy Rib-eye.

          1. re: pepper131

            Honestly, I had one of the best steaks ever in Dallas at Kenichi. They had a couple of different options but they do have REAL kobe, not the texas kobe you get at other places in town. Also, they had probably 10 different sauce options. My boyfriend doesn't eat sushi (yet) so he ordered steak and I'm glad he did. It was awesome.