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Oct 30, 2007 08:21 AM

Trenton Italian restaurants?

We are looking for a really good Italian restaurant near the Vet Theater for a Saturday night early dinner. I heard that there was a great Italian place near the railroad station - and would appreciate information on any good places in that area.
thank you

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  1. Vet Theater? Do you mean the War Memorial?

    If so, try Settimo Cielo on Front St, a few blocks away on the other side of the Marriott.

    The best known place near the train station is Pete Lorenzo's, which is more of a steakhouse.

    1. MercerChow is right, Lorenzo’s is famous as a steak house. It is a bit pricey and I would stick with the steaks if I went there.

      I haven’t been to the Settimo Cielo on Front St. so I can’t comment on it. In my opinion, Amici Milano is the best Italian restaurant in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. See They have an extensive menu, the prices are reasonable and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten there. They’re not very far from the War Memorial building, but driving there could be tricky. I use MapQuest and get door to door directions. They have off street parking.

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        I second Amici Milano, although I have no idea how far it is from where you'll be. We had our rehearsal dinner there before our wedding and our family uses them often for small catered events.

      2. For Italian in Trenton I like Marsilio's. Been going there for 40 years.
        If you like a place foe home cooked Italian try Tattoni's. Very casual and a place where they tell you what they have that night. You get a salad, pasta and main course. I love the crab sauce for the pasta course. My entree favorites are the roast pork and the chicken cacciatore (in a white sauce).
        Both are in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, about 10 or 15 minutes from the War Memorial.

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          I don’t think Marsilios is serving diners any longer. They are only doing catering. At least that’s what I heard was their plan. I don’t know if it’s been implemented yet.

          Tattoni’s, a veritable institution in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, was sold a couple of months ago. It is now called Casdeluna. Rich Pawlak, a food writer for the Philly Daily News gave the new place a glowing review in July of this year. Apparently, the new owners are offering either the same menu as the old Tattoni’s or a new Latin/Dominican menu. I haven’t heard any recent reviews.

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            Yes, last Sunday's NY Times NJ section had a front page piece on the winding down of Marsilio's, and an item on the migration of Sal DeForte's to Ewing. Kind of depressing, really:


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              i was the guy who gave Rich the updated information - more on the reviews here - I enjoy the food there immensely.

            2. re: BCjr

              Do you remember the Marsilio’s of about 30 years ago when it was owned by Gino and his wife before the current owners? They had the best chicken cacciatore (white) and tomato sauce or gravy that I’ve ever had. Their lasagna and manicotti were made with homemade noodles and light as a feather. This is one of the few places that I can say that I truly missed when they changed hands. My wife and I used to eat there at least twice a month back in the seventies.

              1. re: TomDel

                The chicken cacciatore was great. I understood that when the newer owners bought the business they bought that recipe as part of the deal.
                My parents started taking me there in the 60's when I was a school kid. We went nearly every Wednesday.

            3. The best veal parm ever was at Greccos....DEB I also miss Hudson Beer Gardensand Bartolinis......

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                Do you remember DeGeorges Eldorado ? They had the biggest, juiciest stuffed pork chops I ever saw. And they were cheap.

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                  Isn’t that the place that’s a couple of streets up from Rossi’s on Franklin St. I think It’s changed hands a number of times in the past and the latest reincarnation is or was Francesco’s, If I’m not mistaken it achieved notoriety when a mob hit took place out front in the 70’s. I think a Stilintano was either the shooter or the victim. I think I ate there a couple of times and as I recall they had pretty good food.