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Oct 30, 2007 08:05 AM

What kind of meat?

I never make pasta sauce, because the kind I have enjoyed making in the past is an all day affair, and I don't have that kind of time.....So, I bought a pasta sauce at Whole Foods yesterday, called "Austin Slow Burn", a cross between Italian Tomato Sauce and Salsa...My son likes meat on his pasta, so don't know what I should add....Any thoughts? I had even wondered if Taco meat would be an interesting addition, but did not want overkill at the same time...Suggestions?

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  1. Chorizo or hot Italian sausage?

    1. Italian sausage would be my choice. If cooked as whole links, you dirty one pan and one utensil.

      1. I think simple ground beef or turkey would work really well or even tossing in little mini beef and pork meatballs (about olive sized) spiced with just a bit of salt and pepper, garlic and cumin (to tie in the tex-mex flavors of the salsa component). Also bacon always makes everything better in my book. Hope that helps!

        1. Browned ground beef or pork, or a combination thereof, would work too. Just don't overcook it and don't add ALL the extruded fat...just some of it!