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Oct 30, 2007 07:18 AM

Saturday at Brasserie Perrier

Ate al fresco here on Saturday night for the first time in a couple years. I've always enjoyed the steak frites. This time we tried a bunch of appetizers. Hummus was outstanding, with a lemon kick to it. Seafood kabob had a melt in your mouth scallop, forgettable tuna, and a large gulf shrimp on a bed of capers - very tasty and satisfying overall.

The tuna tartare and hamachi was probably the worst I've ever had. While we were eating, everyone kept thinking, "What is missing??" Turns out, a ball of wasabi was sandwiched by the two cuts of hamachi, while the tuna tartare was resting on citrus oils alone. The combined taste of the citrus and wasabi would've been wonderful, but due to the dish's presentation, this wasn't achieved. Thumbs waaay down.

I honestly don't even remeber the other apps we shared, they were so forgettable.

I'm curious about everyone else's opinion though. What do YOU think of BP?

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    1. I went a few months ago for the Sunday BYO special and although it was a pleasant experience the food was absolutely unremarkable. The service was so nice that it did make up for the lack of creativity and execution of the menu.

      1. Brasserie Perrier is the most overrated restaurant in Philadelphia. It serves mediocre, uninspired food in an insipid setting. This past summer, I had the most expensive, terrible meal in my entire life at Brasserie Perrier. The biggest problem is Chef Scarduzio; the guy just can't cook. To the mediocre cuisine, add disinterested service and a depressingly bad wine list and voila - you have the anti-magic that is Brasserie Perrier.