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Oct 30, 2007 06:53 AM

WhiskyFest - What not to miss?

Heading to WhiskyFest tonight (see:, and seeking some suggestions on what people would try. It's not the first time I've been, and I have a few ideas about whiskeys and whiskys that I really want to try. I am going to try some Springbank Rum Cask and all of the Scott's Selection whiskys. The Bernmeim Wheat and the Duncan Taylor Linlithgow are on my list. But what are soem that you would suggest trying and a word or two on why. Thanks.

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  1. You're making me envious.

    I'd definitely want to try that Springbank. If Park Ave Liquors has any one-off bottlings, I'd check them out, too. Ditto the other independent bottlings. Other whiskies I'd head for would be the distiller's edition of Talisker and Lagavulin. And that 25-year Bunnahabhain.

    I've had the Bernheim and I didn't really love it. Don't know if it was the wheat or what, but something about it fried my taste buds akin to taking too many sips of something at cask strength w/o diluting. IIRC, the other one I've had and didn't love was the Ardbeg Uigedail. It was like picking up a piece of charcoal out of a dead campfire, then licking it.

    After those, I'd go for some of the new/oddball bourbons (Willett, Jefferson's, et al).

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      Thanks. I'm off soon. Hopefully, I will not be too hungover tomorrow.

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        Remembering everything I tried would be difficult. I sampled more than 20 different whiskeys or whiskys, which is one reason my memory is not so good. I did try the Willett bourbon and liked it, but the Willett rye was better. The Linlithgow and Springbank were excellent, and I got about the last drops of them.

      2. I had a pretty specific hit list of things to try last night and of my list, the top 3

        Wild Turkey American Spirit -- amazing, well worth the $ if you can find it.
        Stag Antique Collection -- mind blowing
        4 Roses Barrel strenght -- my new favorite
        Suntory Yamazaki -- awesome.

        1. First and last time at whiskeyfest NY for me. What a sickly packed crowd of unruly and rude people.

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            More for me. I was there late and had fun.

          2. St. George Spirits from Alameda. California. I never how good whiskey/bourbon could really be. First time I bought it was $35 at Bevmo. Last time I checked, it was up to a Ullysses S. Grant; D'Oh...