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Oct 30, 2007 06:07 AM

Restaurant with private meeting room?

Hi again. Can anyone suggestions some restaurants which would have a private room and be able to host a meeting and serve breakfast, lunch and a snack. The meeting would be for two days with 8-10 people and would want to spend no more than 1200 CAD. Extra points for being located near the old port. Input is greatly appreciate.

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  1. Breakfast at restaurants with private rooms can be tricky - most aren't open that early. However, many of the boutique hotels have meeting rooms and can serve meals - I have booked a meeting room at Le Germain with meals on many occasions for meetings, and they've done a wonderful job. I'm sure there are some hotels closer to the old port that would do it as well.

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      Alas, all the hotels seem to be booked which is why I am trying restaurants.

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        It's not a fabulous restaurant by any means and I wouldn't normally recommend it, but if they have a private room, then Eggspectations's Old Montreal location might fit the bill, as they serve both breakfast and lunch.

        201 St-Jacques West / (514) 282-0119

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          Version Laurent Godbout has a small private room, but I'm not sure about breakfast - they do lunch, though.

      2. spacesasha, I am surprise all the hotels are booked.
        When is this event taking place?

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          Was wondering the same thing myself didn't know Old Montreal got booked like that except during Grand Prix wkends lol