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Oct 30, 2007 04:56 AM

Rolla MO: Saturday lunch

Will be passing thru Rolla MO this Saturday (NOV 03) around lunchtime. Looking for suggestions for a place to eat: any cuisine as long as it is not Indian or Japanese.

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  1. Last time I was there they had a St. Louis Bread Co./Panera's just off of the freeway. If you want something less casual, there is a place called Dino's or something like that. From what I've heard it's the nicest place in town, but that's not saying a lot. Needed to be updated in a lot of ways, but the food was good. That said it's been a few years since I was there.

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      We may have had the best service of our lives at the Steak n Shake in Rolla. Seriously great service. As parents of young kids can attest, sometimes you get shorted in the service department, even at "family friendly" restaurants....but that was our frequent stop when we lived in Springfield and drove to STL regularly (at our girls' request!) I'm not sure what's around in Rolla, aside from the St Louis Bread Co and the Steak n Shake though. Sorry.

    2. Close to Rolla-Cuba has Missouri Hick BBQ--Sullivan has the Du Kum Inn good breakfast and fried chicken, St. Clair has the Lewis Cafe-home style cooking- I'm not sure of their hours.

      1. Pryor's or Alex's Pizza

        1. Haven t been to rolla in several years but it had some decent options. My favorite is Alex's pizza. Get the sausage pizza. It is part of a Greek style found in central mo. It is a thin crust with braided crust around the edge.

          Pryor's pizza had fallen off a bit last time I was there. Still a tasty thin crust.

          Zeno's (rather than Dino's) is the name of the steak house mentioned below. It does have some good, traditional food.

          The place I like to go is Johnny's Smokestack. The burnt ends salad is really good, featuring the burnt ends from the ribs on a salad. It is a barbque place.

          Any of these places are worth a stop. I hope you try one.

          1. I chose Alex's Pizza House, based on Chowhound recommendations and on the fact that their website said they had a stone hearth for baking pizza. I really enjoyed my magaretha pizza (no tomato sauce), and my two companions said their Greek sausage pizza was one of the best pizzas they have ever had.