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Oct 30, 2007 02:56 AM


Want to get a juicer for a pal for Christmas. He buys a lot of carrot juice and wants to try celery juice. Whatever...... :/ Looked them up on Amazon and the prices seem to be all over the map. Can anyone recommend a good juicer for under $200?

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  1. I used a JuiceLady JL500 for about three years day in and day out. It worked very well, the blades never got too dull and the engine was still roaring. I stopped using it daily about 2 years ago but it still works great when I pull it out once in a while.

    1. the best juicers out there are fairly expensive but if you are looking for something under 200.00 your best bet is head over to http://juicingrecipesforhealth.blogsp... - (not a plug, really) The site has everything you ever want to know about juicers and some nice recipes. There are some good deals there as well - I picked up the Breville juicer for 150.00. So far it's worked great for me. :-)

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      1. There have been a few similar threads recently. Heres one!

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