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Oct 30, 2007 02:28 AM

Visiting from San Francisco-Where to go in Dallas?

My boyfriend and I are going to Dallas in January to visit my family and am wondering if there are any places we can't miss. We'll be there for four or so nights I'm sure we'll go to Campisi's one night. It's pretty much a family tradition to go when we are there-- don't love all the food but have a good ol' time with crab legs a cold crunchy salad with olives and giant red plastic cups of iced tea. And, I love love love the cheese danishes at Cindy's -- really excellent to take home on the airplane. and, we'll go to gold rush for really cheap bad sanwiches and coffee and funny conversations with my aunt's crazy hipster friends.

Any thoughts on where else to go? We'll probably only have one night out to eat that we'll get to choose the restaurant and maybe a could lunches or breakfasts.

good tex-mex? chili con queso?
fried egg sanwiches?
funky coffee shops to sit at and drink vats of iced tea?


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  1. Hi Misti, if you'll be a little more specific about what part of town you'll be in, you'll get better recommendations. We'd hate to send you clear across town for breakfast.

    1. Wow...hard to recommend anything to you, as you come from one of the best foodie spots in America...Question...Is the Goldrush still around? My recs...Tex Mex...Rafa's...BBQ...check previous multitude of posts on this subject ..Fried Egg Sandwiches? Hmm...never had them any place but home, sorry no help here....Funky coffee shops? A lot of people love to hang out at Cafe Brazil on Central Expressway...Oops...forgot your breakfast request...I think the best breakfast, brunch, heck lunch and dinner can be found at La Duni...two locations in Oak Lawn...

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        Oh yes the Goldrush is still around. In all it's glory.

      2. Maybe I'll run into you at the's kinda bad in the good way. Veggie burgers aren't bad, y'know. And the breakfast tacos are passable. But we all go for the ambiance, don't we??? George and his customers. I always tell my sons "not to talk to those GoldRush men - don't want you to become one of them"!!! big wink!

        All Good in Deep Ellum has a good fried egg sandwich. They're on Main at Walton. Good iced tea and coffee.

        BuzzBrews has a good breakfast too - in the parking lot of the BestWestern on I-75 at Fitzhugh.

        You might like hanging out at Murray St (coffeeshop) on Main at Muray in Deep Ellum. Not sure how the iced tea is, though...

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          How funny. Those Gold Rush folks. yup for the ambiance and good company. My aunt used to work there back in the day. Whenever I'm there we all go in and chat with george and drink way to much coffee--or iced tea. i'm more of a teagirl myself...I always leave buzzing on caffine with a big smile.

          Oh, Deep Ellum. My uncle used to own Club Dada so we go back from time to time just to see the hood. God was like a ghost town ast tiem we were there. Glad to hear that there are still places to eat! Hope some cool restaurant will open up and bring it back to life...

          1. re: misti

            Local (Restaurant) is both cool and good but it's gonna take a lot more than a restaurant to bring Deep Ellum back to life...RIP

        2. John's Cafe on Greenville is back open just a bit lower on Greenville (just north of Ross). It's a great breakfast spot and they a pretty decent lunch as well. Just remember, if you get up to refill your coffee, tradition demands that you top everyone else in the place off as well.

          1. I am prefacing this by saying that I am not a native (I'm from NY, but have been to Dallas at least 15 times), so natives, please be kind to my suggestions and due to my being geographically impaired, the fact that I may be sending you all over Dallas and its environs. That said, I second Cafe Brazil, but also enjoyed Breadwinner's for brunch (maybe they have a website/menu) when I was in Dallas this summer. I have never been to Cindy's and am glad you like their cheese danish, but both my sister (another NY native) and my cousin, a 50-plus-year Dallas native, don't like the place. They seem to think it does not measure up to your decent NYC kosher/kosher-style deli in terms of taste and quality. I have been to the Mecca on Harry Hines a few times for breakfast. Interesting clientele. The cinnamon rolls are huge, gooey and to die for. The breakfasts are huge. Eggs, omlettes, homefries, grits, biscuits and gravy--you get the picture. Also fun if you have the urge is Babe's for fried chicken. I think you can get barbecue and/or fish also, but I always get the chicken. Sides are all you can eat. Another fried chicken place, with less than zero atmosphere, but great chicken, is Brother's. All of these places are casual and reasonably priced. And the crazy hipsters might be right in their element in most of them.

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            1. re: Shayna Madel

              Yes, cindy;'s is not good per-say. And, no not anywhere close to a NY deli. But that said, it is dallas and thebagels are good and so is the white fish and serously their danishes are very very noteworthy. I go just for the danishes.

              1. re: misti

                When I referred to "your decent NYC kosher/kosher-style deli," I guess I was not clear. I meant the (late) Gilbert's, Deli News and Ed's, not delis actually in NY. I'll have to check out the story about the danish, but won't be back until May.

                1. re: Shayna Madel

                  Ah, I see....there's also a good polish deli? Not sure waht it's called but my uncle sweras by it....