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Oct 29, 2007 11:51 PM

Best Tacos on Roosevelt Avenue?

What the best tacos on roosevelt ave in queens?

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  1. sietsema just wrote about this in the voice. he went and ate at a lot of them:

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    1. Perhaps you can help update this survey of Mexican on Roosevelt. I'm sure the scene has changed plenty. That Voice article was kind of lame. It read more like a blog than a review.

      1. I can't say its the best since I haven't tried many others, but the truck right outside the 52nd Street station of the 7 train - El Rey de Oro - is consistently, outstandingly delicious in the opinion of my husband and I. Pastor and carnitas are always great, my husband also loves the chorizo and has gotten the lengua and though he liked it, thought it wasn't worth the extra 50 cents they inexplicably charge for it. The truck offers all the traditional fixins - radishes, salsas, different types of fresh and pickled peppers. Its on Roosevelt between 51st and 52nd.