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Oct 29, 2007 11:50 PM

Looking for Inexpensive Dumplings and Buns in Queens

What are the best inexpensive dumplings and buns in queens? I love street food and want to get used to the area. So if anyone can suggest street food or some restaurants

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  1. Try Main St. in Flushing - the stand under the LIRR, the dumpling place around the corner, and Corner 28 up the street. Also check the Board for recommendations for some of the mini-malls.

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    1. re: LloydG

      I second the vote for the stand under the LIRR on Main St. 5 delicious steamed buns for a dollar, and they are awesome.

    2. go to white bear on prince (bet 40th and roosevelt)...get dumplings (the ones in the hot oil are good, although all of them are good)

      get some frozen ones to go too...if you don't speak chinese it might be kind of a pain, but just point (the menus are in english)

      1. Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House, 86-08 Whitney St, Elmhurst. The pork & chives dumplings are excellent and a bargain at 4 for $1.00. Either fried or boiled . Eat in or Take out. 50 frozen dumplings for $10. They understand English. When I take home frozen dumplings, I toss the dumplings in rapidly boiling water for 10 minutes which is what they do at Lao Bei Fang. I don't have the patience to fry. At the restaurant, I order fried since I don't want to wait the 10 minutes while they boil in water. You don't wait for the fried. Avoid between Noon - 2PM, if you can. On the same street is a Thai Restaurant that has received above average reviews (just as you turn the corner - don't remember the name). Further past Lao Bei Fang is a very good Indonesian Restaurant so you have three good place on one small street. You won't be disappointed with the dumplings. The menu is in English & Chinese.

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        1. re: Mike V

          If you order the fried dumplings and are told it will be a five minute wait, just thank your lucky stars. This means that you will get them super fresh. The thing that makes the Old Northerner's (Lao Bei Fang translated) fried dumplings the best is that they fry in smaller quantities then any of other the other places, so even if you get your dumplings right away they're still pretty fresh. While you're there go all out and spend another dollar on some Chai Goo Row (Spelled incorrect, but like it sounds) -- this off the menu item that many chowhounds know of is pork bone meat mixed with chives and garlic. Add some of their homemade chile sauce and it's even better.

          1. re: Dave_G

            they only give jiguro to their regulars and family&friends, because they make very little each day...

        2. Sorry to be so late.
          There's a tiny place in Flushing that rarely gets mentioned here. It's run by a bunch a women who make fresh buns and dumplings all day. There's no sign in English and no address on the door, but here's the directions: Walk south on Main Street. Make the second right after going under the LIRR. On the left hand side of the street, go in the second door (I think). If you walk in about 20 feet, you'll be facing a small kitchen with 4 or 5 women cooking. That's it. (The rest of the building is stalls selling clothes, shoes, etc.) They have an English menu posted above the counter but none of them speak any English. Just say "Buns and dumplings" and you'll get the best ones in Flushing. The "small buns" are best. They're 4 for $1. The dumplings are 8 for $2. They do lots of excellent noodle and soup dishes but the buns and dumplings are awesome.

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          1. re: el jefe

            is that inside the Golden Mall? The side entrance? near the back I believe, and there is a DVD store to the right.

            1. re: bigjeff

              I think I know the one next to the DVD store - the lady that operates Shangdong dumplings stall in the 41-28 (or 82???) mall used to operate that one. I used to go there all the time, but thought that operation was closed since she opened a full sit-down stall. Wonder if it's same people making the same dumplings?

              1. re: welle

                It's not inside any of the malls and the last time I was in there (early October) it was staffed by the same women who have been there for years.
                I'm not in NY so I can't check my old takeout menu for a better name/address, but I re-read my directions above and they are correct. It's really easy to find.

                1. re: el jefe

                  the reason it's confusing is because you don't state where you start, just to head down main street, so, not sure where you're starting. originally, I thought you were talking about the place across from starbucks and down the block from Chao Zhou (the place on the corner w/ the big noodle bowl on the roof) but after reading your directions it didn't make sense, since it would be on the right hand side of the street, and not the left, so that's why I figured it was inside the golden mall, since that WOULD make sense, and when you describe it with the stalls selling shoes, etc., that definitely sounds like it. so, actually, I think the place is in the basement level of the Golden Mall (41-28 Main Street). of course, no better way of double-checking than with a dumpling run!

                  1. re: el jefe

                    The place I know is not inside of any of the malls, IFIC there is some regional Asian bank there. It's further walk from the Golden Mall, closer to the East Buffet, but on the other side of the street. There is a DVD store in it and a small kitchen/room with 2-3 ladies making dumplings. It is mostly geared for take-home frozen kind, but they have a crockpot in which they would cook few dumplings for you to eat right there.
                    The lady who operates Shangdong dumplings in the Golden mall used to operate that place. Maybe she still does, I have not been there in years...

                    1. re: welle

                      hmmm . . . . okay, sounds pretty intriguing. will, try to hit it for sure . . . .

            2. also, don't forget the "fountain" dumplings on the second floor of the Flushing Mall, near the back and to the left a bit. Run by Korean women or maybe Korean/Chinese women, they've got great boiled dumplings served w/ a chili-soy dipping sauce and kimchi. I think it's 18 to an order, not sure how much but really delicious.

              also, check this earlier digest (some of the places may have turned over already; such is the nature of flushing)


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                1. re: pancun187

                  There are lots of dumplings to be had in the Golden Shopping Mall. If you enter through the Main St door and walk straight ahead, there's a stall on the right (the Shangdong stall mentioned above). The dumplings are pretty good, but about 2-3x pricier than what is available downstairs.

                  In the basement of the mall, closest to the entrance on 41st Rd (?), next to a DVD store (I believe it is the one referred to by el jefe), is another stall with some grumpy looking women. 10 for $2 for some of the best boiled dumplings in flushing. You can also get them in soups.

                  In the same basement, is another smaller stall that makes dumplings in addition to a few other dishes. They're decent, but not as good as the grumpy women stall.

                  You can also get Sichuan dumplings at the Chengdu Heaven stall. They're a different style than what's served at the other places mentioned.

                  1. re: Joe MacBu

                    Yes, that's the one. You'd be grumpy too if you spent your whole day making dumplings by hand, but the women are actually very nice. And, imho, the small steamed buns (4 for $1) are even better than the dumplings. Well, maybe not. I always get both.