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Oct 29, 2007 10:35 PM

First Time at Pinkberry: is this place for real??

I visited Pinkberry's for the first time today and was just sort of stunned at the total mediocrity of what the LA Times called "The place that launched 1000 parking tickets." I am, I should note, a serious yogurt fan. I will drive fifty miles to get some really interesting, homemade yogurt, and I could happily taste-test fresh Greek versus creamy French versus clumpy Indian for hours. Dairy is divine. Maybe that's why paying SO MUCH MONEY for a completely run-of-the-mill bowl of slightly-sweetened and extra creamy frozen yogurt with fruit topping strikes me as banal trendiness of the worst kind. I suspect that this place is spreading like a virus merely because it has a clean, modern aesthetic, offers "green tea" flavor, and manages to appeal to the health-conscious.

Next time, I will go to the grocery store, buy some full-fat yogurt, cut up some fruit, put it on top, and eat it. Delicious, easy, and cheap.

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  1. I don't think its so overpriced. I actually enjoy the fresh mangos and kiwis. Also, I think a small size with one topping is only gets into the $4 if you get the medium which is friggin huge....

    1. They're only growing because they offer a product people like in a setting that makes people feel comfortable or good. Yeah, I can see how that'd be perplexing.

      As much as I get not liking a particular product or not wanting to pay the (apparently) market price for a product, I don't understand decrying the entire enterprise simply because you don't personally enjoy it that much. Banal trendiness of the worst opposed to what?

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        I guess I long for food that is original and local and varied. Two flavors of frozen yogurt??

      2. Is it the kind of frozen yogurt that tastes like ice cream, or is it like store bought frozen yogurt where you can faintly taste the cultures?