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Oct 29, 2007 09:51 PM

New Vietnamese in Atwater?

I heard rumors that the owner of Vietnamese Soy Cafe on Hyperion is going to open a larger space with a bigger menu on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater. Does anyone know if/when it is opening?

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  1. The place looks as if it's coming along well. I work 2 doors down from it and have been watching the progress. I'll keep you posted after I ask anyone who is doing work there today.

    1. I went by and spoke to Viet this morning. He says it should open after Thanksgiving and he'll have several types of noodles such as bun and northern style pho.

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        Maybe his coffee won't suck so bad.

        cafe sua da my ass.

        1. re: ns1

          And won't be cash only. I hate that!

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          Drove by Viet on Friday night (after a WGA happy hour at the Griffin - $1 drinks with a card): Looked like they were having a large opening party.

          Did anyone go?

          1. re: blacksab67

            According to La Eater "Viet Noodle Bar" opened today...but no Pho until dec...

        3. I checked it out a couple nights ago. I really liked it and look forward to going back. My thoughts, and a few choice lo-res cell-phone pictures here:

          1. I just got back from dinner there tonight - my only complaint is that the owner had told me that there would be a lot of new dishes from what they have at Vietnamese Soy Cafe, and the only two entrees they had were the bun dishes from VSC (those who frequent VSC on sundays for the whitefish will be happy to know that it's served here everyday!). some of the appetizers were new - I really liked the jackfruit salad. I know they're planning on expanding the menu in the next month or so. The food was delicious, the soy milk was amazing, and the level of quality was very high. I will be returning regularly, and am looking forward to the new expanded menu!