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Oct 29, 2007 08:39 PM

Best burger in Columbia, SC


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  1. Is at the Salty Nut Cafe. I hadn't been in a few years, but revisited last week, and it was exactly the same. I don't know what they do, but they produce the most succulent, juicy burgers you've ever sunk your teeth into. I think that one of the keys in their consistency is that they still have the same cooks they had 4 yrs ago! Yes, it's true, and in my book, that's a good sign. If the cooks are happy and well-fed, the patrons will be as well. I am so happy this little hole in the wall is still feeding USC, and living up to it's name.

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      I was driving through Columbia recently and saw Hardee's advertising it was voted Best of the Upstate. Ugh. That right there confirms every single bad thing I've ever thought about upstate SC. In Charleston, I like the House Burger at Fleet's Landing (with bacon and pimento cheese) and several of the burgers at Gene's. I haven't been to Poe's yet, but hear they're good.

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        Quite right. I always use paid advertising by fast food chains to reinforce my negative opinions of entire geographic regions.

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          Poe's is okay...good vibe. I wasn't that impressed w/ the burgers, although you can get them cooked how you like. The service wasn't that great, and I felt Poe's and tourist's eyes staring into the back of my skull while I ate. :) It was my first time as a diner, so next time I'm planning on getting one of their seafood offerings...

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            Yeah, I hate seeing people wearing fanny packs inside restaurants. Especially ones I like.

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          I agree the Salty Nut is pretty good. I do miss Eddie's (RIP) down home burger which was a favorite. Mac's is ok. Rush's is better and I had one for supper this evening. The Rockburger at Rockaways is a little over the top for me but President Bush loved it. If you haven't had a 5 Guys yet you're in for a treat. Get a small one as it's huge. I've heard The Kingsman has a heck of a burger but I can't help but get their steak sand when I go there (just like Cogburn's-RIP). Edna's burgers are ok. As much as I like all these Cola. burgers none compare to what I've had in S'burg. The Nuway Redneck burger and Ike's Chilicheese trumps anything in the Capital City.

        3. Salty Nut does have a good burger. I drove by "formerly" Eddie's and it's storefront is covered in paper. Guess it wasn't just renovations like it had said. I like Doc's Gumbo Grille and Hampton St. Vineyard because I can get it rare - helps to know the chef. After Rockaway's reopened, I had two disappointments and haven't been back. Mathias Sandwich Shop in Irmo is pretty good. Great onion rings.

          1. I agree that Salty Nut is good. I like Zesto's and believe it or not Rush's.

            I had some bad experiences at Rockaway's after it fist reopened as well. I recently returned after recommendations from friends. They are much better now. I think their burgers are actually better.

            Vella's on Knox Abbott has a good burger and Murray's on Charleston Highway (near the Airport) has excellent burgers.

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              For a fast food burger, Rush's rings my bell. Zesto's is just too greasy for me. I have to say this - off topic. I bought a Wendy's vanilla oreo cookie thing to take someone but I somehow misplaced my purse and had to back-track. So I ulitmately had to eat the Wendy's thing. I have to say it beats their burger. In a big way. I was woofing it at stoplights and didn't care if clients saw me.

              1. re: scbuzz

                Rush's does the trick for a quick driv-thru doubt!

                1. re: charlestonfoodiegal

                  I wish we had Rush's here in Raleigh...I just haven't found anywhere to get a fast food-type of burger that can match it!

                2. re: scbuzz

                  i used to go play foosball and eat burgers at vellas after class in high school, some 25-30 years ago. good to hear they have stuck around...

                  1. I like Salty Nut's burgers, and Vella's too. And boy do I miss Eddie's - miss Blue Dog even more. Their burgers and raw fries were the BEST hands down.

                    But Wednesday night I had a burger topped with Gorganzola at Hunter Gatherer. It's by far my new favorite burger in Colatown. Give it a try - served with crispy hash browns. Add a HG Wheat and baby you're set! Only complaint is that they don't serve lunch.

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                      5 guys was excellent. careful with the fries, the order is HUGE. literally a bag full.