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Oct 29, 2007 07:36 PM

Favorite Soup Cookbook??

The weather has finally cooled and I'm drooling about making soup to warm my days. I don't have a lot of soup experience though. I just have chicken soup and split pea vegetable in my repertoire. I have a recipe for my mom's cabbage soup with lamb that I've never made yet. And that's it.

Does anyone have a favorite soup cookbook they can recommend? How about a favorite soup recipe. The discussion the other day of Marcella Hazan's Tuscan Bean Soup got me salivating. I haven't located the recipe yet but that would be right up my alley I bet.

So bring on the soup recipes. Please!

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  1. I really love the Egyptian lentil dandelion soup that was in Saveur (April 1999). Somebody just dug it up for me cause I couldn't find that issue anymore.

    You cook a cup of lentils in 9 cups of water until tender, then saute onion, garlic, red chile, and grated ginger together for 10 minutes. The mixture is added to the lentils, along with dandelion greens, lemon juice, cumin, salt and pepper and cooked until the greens are tender. If the taste is a bit blah after the soup has cooked, I sometimes add a half chicken bouillon cube or a spoonful of the Better than Bouillon (or whatever it's called) Mushroom Base and simmer for a few minutes.

    Serve it with dollop of yoghurt. It's fabulous.

    1. I'm a soup fanatic. I cook them year round, I aspire to be the soup nazi like on Seinfeld. With that said, one of my favorites is James Peterson's Splendid Soups. It has many traditional ethnic standards as well as many other good recipes. I use it regularly.

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        Splendid Soups is pretty top notch

      2. We're real soup lovers too, KK. Here's a neat online resource I hope you'll enjoy as much as I do. TONS of recipes...

        1. Have made some great ones from The Big Book of Soups & Stews

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            I really like this book too. I've been making the lentil and brown rice soup lately and it's delicious. I use french lentils and I think the results are better (they keep their shape and texture better than brown). The lentil and split pea with ham is great too. Both recipes are very easy - just a little chopping and throw everything into the pot and simmer away.

            Last Christmas I made the oven burgundy beef stew and it was amazing. It's time consuming but results are worth it. Recently my SO made the beef stroganoff and we thought it was good but the sauce felt a little thick to us. We'd adjust the liquid a bit so that the sauce comes out a little looser.

          2. I've been wanting to try the "Twelve Months of Monastery Soups" cookbook which is supposed to be great.

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              It is a very good book. So I say, Amen, Alleluia!