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Recommendations for Dining in Carlisle/Harrisburg Area

We'll be visting our son at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA this weekend. Other than a few places in Carlisle (that are now booked), I'm looking for some recommendations for a great restaurant in the Carlisle/Harrisburg area for a Saturday evening dinner.

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  1. I would suggest the following: Chars Bella Mundo - Harrisburg www.charsbellamundo.com or The Left Bank in York.

    1. Also Bricco and Mangia Qui in Harrisburg.

      1. There is a new french bistro type place in Camp hill called "Confit". They opened just a few months ago. I've eaten there once so far, and really enjoyed the food/atmosphere.


        1. Also worth visiting is New Market Bistro in Camp Hill.............located beside Holy Spirit Hospital.
          Bricco, Mangia Qui & Bella Mundo are excellent recs, too.

          1. If you're willing to make the trip to Harrisburg, you will NOT be disappointed by Tavern on the Hill. I was a judge for the Pennsylvania Wine Competition in 2000 and that is where they provided dinner. Well worth the trip from Carlisle.

            1. Hands down, Char's is the best of all of these places. I've heard mixed things about Confit...New Market Bistro is a mere shadow of its former self...and Mangia Qui is loud. Long story short, if you're looking for excellent food and service, a nice bottle of wine, and a welcoming, cozy atmosphere, call Char's TODAY!

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                A couple of things about Confit. First, if you're coming in from out of town, you probably don't know that Confit is in a dry borough. Therefore, if you want a drink, it's BYO (although there's a pretty good state store - yes, that statement used to be an oxymoron - about a mile down Market Street). Second, I have eaten there twice now and both times I found the food to be very good. The portions are a bit large, which is of course odd for a French restaurant but not so odd for any restaurant in Central PA. The only negative thing I have to say about Confit is that the service is pretty spotty and the second time I was there, the food took a long time. That said, the servers are very pleasant. Confit is not in the same league as Char's, but for something cheaper and a little bit more casual, it's a good bet.

              2. There's always Piatto on Pomfret Street in Carlisle (www.piatto.com) and a new place (smoke free) on the corner of Pitt and High called Alibis Eatery & Spirits. Both serve locally produced foods. Piatto is very nice and Alibis has good entertainment.

                1. Hi..We're traveling to Carlisle this weekend (our son is applying to Dickinson) - where did you dine on how did it go?

                  Thanks!, Howard

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                    A little late to this party but if you make it back to Dickinson, or are just in the area, try Visaggios. They have a appetizer that is to die for, soft cheeses wrapped in bread dough and deep fried, served with a marinara. That and their gnocci are excellent.

                    6990 Wertzville Rd. • Enola, PA 17025
                    Reservations: 717-697-8082


                  2. Bricco is the best resto in H-burg. It also has a great meat and cheese mkt attached to it.

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                      Vissagio's used to be it for me when it came to good Italian. There's been a new face which has shown up in the last few years, though -- Juliana's on Carlisle Pike.

                      It's in a little strip mall across from Hooters and Applebee's. You have to be looking for it to find it. :)

                      But it's first class. Huge portions; wide menu. Pasta, you can pick your pasta and your sauce. I had gnocchi with a pesto sauce there and had to take over half of it home.

                      Full wine list, professional service.

                    2. I was surprised to see this thread, but excited! As a Dickinson grad (01) things have changed quite a bit since I was there. Piatto was always great, and Marketcross Pub was always a great bet- be sure to try their hard pretzels with mustard to start out (with one of their many beers). Rillo's is an institution, and pretty good Italian. Hope you have/had fun, Carlisle/Dickinson is a great place to be. If you have time, there is a great place for coffee/panini right on the main drag for lunch.