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Oct 29, 2007 06:51 PM

Shanghai Gate

Another thanks to CHs whose praise on the board prodded me to try this place. We had cold cucumber and fresh ginger, shanghai wonton soup, chili and black bean steamed bass, and split a lion's head meatball. Not a false note in any of the 4 dishes: beautifully seasoned, subtle, and each one unique. An unusually true-tasting Chinese restaurant. Can't wait to go back and explore the menu. Thank you to those who mentioned this excellent little place.

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  1. Glad you liked it! Now that you've been, I'd be curious to see what you thought of Wing's in Chinatown by way of comparison. (This way I can get another data point on whether or not I'm in left field when it comes to judging Shanghai cookery.)

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      haven't been to wings and will try but didn't mean to imply I'm "expert!" on what defines Shanghai cooking. The original Joe Shanghai which was in Queens was my first sense of specific Shanghai cooking (it seemed to me that it was much better than the second one opened in Chinatown) - however, i think some of what we ate growing up in New York had shanghai elements: i recognized tastes at Shanghai Gate like winter melon in the soup, the delicacy of the wonton shells, and the particular spice in the lionshead meatball. I would have assumed the steamed fish in chili and black bean was more likely szechuanese but I have no idea!

    2. It's been far too long since Allstonian and I have been back to Shanghai Gate, especially considering it's right in the neighborhood and all. We have a date to dine there with friends before the Pipettes gig next door at Great Scott on the 15th, but we may have to try to slip in a solo run before then.

      1. I second the thanks as well. My husband and I, orriginally from NY, have tried in vain to get food that resembles the Chinese we are acustom to eating in NYC. Shanghai Gate is now are new go-to for Chinese food.

        1. I do not recommend going here. I'm 5th generation Chinese and have never been so disappointed. The fried tofu tasted like it was fried in old, dirty oil and they drizzled some sort of strawberry sauce on it. The soup dumplings had no soup inside. Rice was cold. We ended up canceling the rest of our order in fear of the worst.
          It didn't help that the wait staff was either sleeping, eating/spitting sunflower seeds or reading the newspaper, and the cook was using one of the dining tables to do his taxes.