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Oct 29, 2007 06:39 PM

Sat. lunch between Mobile and Baton Rouge

Taking a trip from the Florida panhandle to Texas in a couple of weeks. Looking for an interesting place to eat along the way. Open to all types of food and atmospheres. Any place that tickles your tongue?

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  1. If you are looking for great, regional food try Louisiana Lagniappe. Otherwise, there are several great "ethnic" places in town. Mansour's on the Blvd is good as well. Anything you are looking for?

    1. It might also be nice to eat downtown on Saturday at Capital City Grill (not the one on Sherwood Forest)

      1. I've lived in Mobile and Baton Rouge, as well as two places in between that are on your route -- Pascagoula, Ms and Mandeville, La. The fancier restaurants that I would recommend are La Provence in Lacombe, La (25020 Hwy 190) and Dakota (629 Hwy 190) in Covington, La. Both are really excellent. La Provence is french country. It changed ownership recently. The old owners had let the place go downhill, but the new owners have turned things around. Great ambience. Dakota is one of our favorites as well -- good creole french cuisine. Neither is open every day for lunch, so be sure to check.

        The other three places I would recommend are very casual. If you find yourself running short on time, Edd's Drive Inn (3834 Market Street) in Pascagoula, MS is an institution. Order the chili cheese burger (lots of them!) and you will not be sorry. The Old Biloxi Schooner (159 E. Howard Ave) in Biloxi, Ms is one of my favorite po-boy joints. I love the roast beef or the crabmeat po boys! All of the seafood is good, as is the gumbo. In Mandeville, we love Bear's for a good New Orleans style po boys. The shrimp and the roast beef are two of our favorites.

        I have not much good to say about dining out in Mobile or Baton Rouge. My favorite lunch in Mobile was in a converted gas station on Old Shell Road, Food Pak International. Great gyros, and the best place to buy bulk spices. My favorite lunch in Baton Rouge was also a converted gas station... I can't remember the name, but it was close to campus, on Perkins, I think. They had fabulous plate lunches. I haven't been there in about 10 years though, so who knows if it is still there.

        1. Thanks so much for your replies.

          frankiii - I agree with Louisiana Lagniappe. I live near Destin and have eaten there several times. It may be a part of a chain but the one here is very good. The oysters lagniappe may be my favorite oyster dish.

          laexpat - Old Biloxi Schooner may be calling my name. I've never had a crabmeat po boy but if I'm in the area anywhere near lunch time, I will be there. I had pretty well decided to eat at Dakotas on the way back. I had read about La Provence but couldn't find any lodging near there. The wife and I will be on a motorcycle so I was hoping for a hotel within walking distance of our evening dinner. In Covington there appears to be a hotel almost across the street from Dakotas. Do you have any ideas about lodging near La Provence?