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Oct 29, 2007 06:19 PM

new york hound visting for 6 days

what are the good and hot places to eat in london?

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  1. jills, we're a small group here. give us some more criteria to work with--budget, location, cuisine--and we'll do our best.

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    1. re: kristainlondon

      Is there another forum where London foodies congregate ?

    2. Your budget is very important because the Dollar is so weak now. Is $100 a head too high?

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      1. re: Chow Penguin

        im open to suggestions in different price ranges, some moderate. im traveling with someone who does not like exotic foods so nothing thai or indian like. and some fun night spots as well.

        1. re: jills

          Take a look at...

          Bumpkin in Notting Hill - retro 70s fare like homemade pies, great atmosphere
          E&O in Notting Hill - a bit fusion, but pretty safe for your friend?
          The Pig's Ear - Chelsea - good dependable french/classic/british fare
          The Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia - upmaket pub grub: steak and chips, burgers, etc

          All very buzzy, with great food and atmosphere.

          Good places to look at reviews include and

          Nightclubs - try Amika on High St Kensington or Chloe in South Kensington...

          Hope that helps. If you like the look of thse places let me know and i'll think of a few more!

          1. re: jills

            Fun nightspot--I like Loungelover in Shoreditch. It's not a club. It's more loungey. Interesting decor. Pricey cocktails, but really interesting stuff.