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Oct 29, 2007 06:14 PM

Fresh shrimp in Houston

I'm new to Houston and looking for a market that sells fresh (never frozen) head-on shrimp. I can live with frozen, but head-on is a must. I'm making New Orleans-style bbq shrimp (which isn't really bbq), and fresh head-on shrimp is a requirement for the recipe. I'm in NW Houston on the beltway, but I'm willing to drive if no fresh shrimp can be found up here. The recipe is supposedly the original Pascal Manale's (it's been changed over the years), if anyone wants it.

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  1. Give these people a call:

    I think I've seen head-on shrimp in the case. Tell them what you want it for. You'd have to come in 290 to the Loop to get there. Note the limited hours they're open to the public.

    The Fiestas near me are horrible but I've heard some of them are nice, particularly the big one at Gessner and I-10. Is there a big Fiesta near you?

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      Bruce - I think the Fiesta you're referring to is at Blalock and I-10. Brave the construction and make a trip over there -- the seafood is GREAT, the store is new, clean and bright (not so for all Fiestas) and you'll be glad you went. Its got EVERYTHING.

      I also agree with everyone's assessment of Seabrook/Kemah. I used to live in Clear Lake and every few weeks my foodie husband and I would go to Rose Seafood and buy about 10 lbs. of fresh head-on shrimp. We would clean and cook some, and divide the rest into 1 or 2 lb. packages and freeze it, using it up pretty quickly.

      1. re: Cheflambo

        Ha-ha - I wouldn't even brave the Katy Fwy before the construction unless I absolutely had to! I've always heard great things about the produce there too and occasional cooking classes. Sure is different than the ones nearer to me. Seafood at the big store on Hillcroft at Bellaire sometimes hits your nose as soon as you walk in. I started to buy some oysters there once and half the ones the guy was putting in the plastic bag were already open so I told him fuhgeddaboudit and walked away. You probably saw the news last night that this Fiesta is going to be closing at the end of the year - the construction project has taken too much of their parking lot.

        misohungrychewlow - Jamail's has been closed for maybe 15-20 years now.

        1. re: brucesw

          Thanks for responding ... I moved away in '83 and last visited in '87 ... as a family-run operation, I'd hoped it would remain, but I guess not, too bad ... here in the PHX area we have AJ's, similar in many ways ... not owned by the original family anymore but owned by the Basha's chain, which is local, family-run, and privately-held ... so far ...

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          UPDATE - no sooner had I recommended that Fiesta, I read in the Chronicle that the @^#&#! construction will cause this store to CLOSE by the end of the year. I am VERY disappointed, as it was one of their nicer stores, and conveninent to my home and Mr. Cheflambo's office. Bummer.

        1. I lived in Houston about 5 years ago. Was just perusing this board. My husband and I use to go to Kemah regularly. Not where all the big restaurants are but to the other side. I think Pappadeaux might be near by. There were a bunch of fresh fish markets where we would get excellent shrimp. We would go either on Sat or Sunday & fight the crowds.

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          1. re: Allfrog68

            Rose's in Seabrook. It's well worth the drive out there.


            1. re: Jim Washburn

              I'll second Seabrook. Shrimp fresh off the boat. There are several places on Waterfront St but Rose's is the local favorite.

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                Rose's certainly looks like it's the most popular, but maybe just because it's one of the first places on the road. Last few times I have been down there, Emery's at the far end of the street on the right has had better looking and cheaper shrimp. Last time we were down there, about 3 weeks ago, we stopped by about a half-dozen of the shops, and Emery's had the best-looking shrimp of them all.

            2. Many of the Asian markets in SW Houston (and there are many) can sell you head-on shrimp of various sizes, including the larger sizes preferred by some for NOLA-style bbq shrimp.

              I hope that everyone knows to stick to, for health and environmental reasons, wild-caught American shrimp?

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                1. re: robbie6805

                  Thanks for the help, everyone. I'll be sure to check the places mentioned.