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Don't want to go to Old Town but would like a romantic restaurant with very good to excellent food and a great Martini. Any help out there? And it's a Saturday night just to make your lives more difficult since I understand the center city pretty much clears out on the weekend.

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  1. Waterboy fits all the requirements. Midtown does not clear out and is usually packed on Saturday night. See if they can make the Martini with Vya Vermouth - a real treat!

    Waterboy Restaurant
    2000 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95814

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      Yes midtown is packed on saturday nights. Better make a reservation. Biba is another possibility, but I don't know if they make a good martini.

    2. If you are looking for a romantic place I would recommend Moxie on H St. Don't be deterred by the entrance, it's a hole in the wall. But the food is the best I've had in Sacramento, and it's small and quiet (aside from the boisterous owner/host). If you go, ask for the calamari, it's not on the menu.

      Biba is always a good option as well. I love Aioli, it has the best outdoor seating and feels very bohemian. Good food, too.