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Oct 29, 2007 05:18 PM

short osteria rev.


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  1. sorry...hit enter. Anyways, table for 3 on sat. at 6:30. Service was great all around. Particularly of note...the rav's with white truffle, the roasted beets (side), suckling pig, and the pumpkin desert thingy. The pig was a special, roasted on a spit, of course we didn't get a whole pig...more like about a pound and a half. While we all agreed that everything was really good, and we left quite full (great bread and olive oil), the portions could have been about another third to half larger. Oh yeah... great wine list.

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      Real truffles or truffle oil with the ravioli?

    2. Real, along with some kind of pecorino.

      1. My wife and I went to eat at Osteria last Saturday night and had a wonderful meal. The entire experience was enjoyable. The space looks great, the service was top notch and the food was impeccable. We had a margherita pie which was simple and perfect. Next we shared the mozzarella in carrozza with olive oil poached pear tomatoes and capers, and the salumi plate: prosciutto, testina, porchetta, pancetta and salame. The mozarella dish was beautifully fried on the outside and so soft and creamy on the inside and the salumi plate really showcased a differnet flavor profile for each of the cured meats,all done in house save the prosciutto De Parma. For our entree's my wife had the lancaster chicken "alla griglia" with salsa verde, roasted fingerling, grilled red onion, and green bean salad which she loved and I had an addition to the menu which was roasted pork that had been brined for four days served with potatoes done in the wood oven. The pork was soooo succulent and the potatoes were in large cubes that managed to be perfectly browned on the outside and very soft on the inside. For dessert we also got the pumpkin torte w/ spiced gelato which was great. Top to bottom this place gets it right. Even the bathrooms were special. Individual bathrooms with candles, nice fixtures and vanities and thick hand towels with Osteria printed on them. No detail in this place is overlooked.
        Thanks Marc Vetri

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          yeah, we had the aforementioned potato's as well....they are awesome. I imagine them being deep-fried in olive oil, so perfectly crispy on the outside.