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Oct 29, 2007 05:02 PM

Jump Start

I confess I'm one of the many that have accumulated a multitude of books and other culinary accoutrements, but find myself in the kitchen on rare occasions. I can't pinpoint the problem outside of laziness. As of late I've felt inspired to bake and have purchased ingredients for this vain, but again it has yet to take place. At one point I enrolled in a short term culinary class to determine if my passion for food would be a viable career option. Admittedly the experience was not what I anticipated, and I came away with a real desire to escape the kitchen.

As such, I'm searching for suggestions and even a nudge if needed to get myself in gear and return to the thing I love. I find it wasteful and somewhat shameful that I have failed to utilize the things I've learned. Previous employment in a small gourmet shop provided high quality additions to my pantry that I long to use. But admittedly, I'm a little uncertain of where to begin.

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  1. I find that simply looking at pictures of food, reading food descriptions, reading recipes, reading these home cooking boards all make me want to cook. You read a recipe or look at a picture and you realize that you can only get that delicious looking dish if you make it yourself: so then you do it, for the sake of tasting that dish. Another way is just go out and buy and one ingredient, it can be a meat, a vegetable, a fruit; and force yourself to find a recipe that will utilize that ingredient. Also, just think about all the food you're going to waste if you don't cook it!

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      A few friends and I get together every once in a while and make a meal -- we each take turns hosting and thinking of a theme. Our last theme was Mexican, and I wowed them with pork tatemado (from the Williams Sonoma Mexican cookbook), butter lettuce and avocado salad, plus refried beans and tortillas. I brought out all the Mexican cookbooks that I had and we all looked at them and talked food. We all find it really inspiring to get exposed to cuisines that you never thought of cooking (Mexican food is hard to come by where I live and some of them had never tasted it) . If your friends don't cook, recruit from work, which I did. Hope this helps!

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        Thanks for the suggestions. Last night I encountered a craving for hot chocolate and grimaced as I recalled my unpleasant experience with Green & Black's product. While browsing through Some Like It Hot: 50 Drinks to Warm Your Spirits, I felt inspired to make my own. Needless to say I found myself chopping chocolate at 4:00 am as I excitedly prepared my concoction. I didn't use any recipe in particular, but relied upon the methods I saw while watching an episode of The Barefoot Contessa. The results were wonderful and I felt extremely pleased. I believe the drought is ending.