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Oct 29, 2007 04:50 PM

locatelli cheese [Moved from Home Cooking board]

please pardon my ignorance long it a cut wedge of locatelli that has not been grated? I got a wedge from a reputable cheese shop, not the supermarket, so it is still in the paper they wrapped it in. Nothing growing on it -- hate to waste it. TIA!!

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  1. Do you mean how long does it last? If there's nothing growing on it, you can still eat it.

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    1. re: Adrienne

      Sorry, yes, how long is it still good. (It's been a long day). It got pushed to the back of one the drawers in the fridge and forgotten. Thanks!

      P.S. I grated some--it's great!

      1. re: medford

        It lasts for a really long time (I'd like to say forever) but if you don't use it that often, you could freeze some whole pieces too. The good stuff is aged for years, so it's not a young cheese, and I've rarely had any actually go moldy on me. I keep it wrapped in plastic though, so it doesn't absorb odors.

        1. re: coll

          This is, indeed, the good stuff. When I found it, the original store wrap was still intact. Some kind of slippery paper and wrapped in a heavier paper. I thought they said not to use plastic wrap. I didn't think about freezing it. I just put the original slippery paper back and replaced the outer paper.

          1. re: medford

            Aged hard cheeses can just be left in the fridge. Don't freeze them.

    2. Locatelli pecorino romano lasts a long time. It will get dryer and dryer, and the bloom of flavor will fade, but it will be quite usable. If it's been a long time, I would use it as a condiment rather than a featured flavor, as it were. (That is, I'd use it to garnish soups rather than as the sole cheese in a cheesy pasta dish, for example.)