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Oct 29, 2007 04:45 PM

Lunch on the beach or close by for 75 people

Planning our wedding for March 2008. Fiance and I would love to host a lunch on the beach or close by for our out of towners before the wedding. We're looking for a restaurant/hotel that would be able to accomodate us and not be a fortune...It will most likely be on a Saturday...BYOB would be awesome. Maybe around $25/person.

thanks so much!

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  1. $25/person on the beach, or very near, in the L.A. area on a Saturday with BYOB. That's a tall order! However, there's a least one spot that might work but it ain't fancy:

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      I know...a tall order...gotta try though. just called Malibu Seafood and they don't do private parties. thanks for the tip.

    2. this is pretty impossible. something that would accomodate 75 would have to be either a big restaurant or a hotel restaurant. both of those would be expensive if they're by the beach. and if it's a small place, they won't close it down for you a only $25 per person.

      I'm trying to come up with something, but I really don't think there is anything on the about Louise's? Buffet City? Big Daddy & Sons? Coogie's Beach Cafe in Malibu? Waterfront Cafe in Venice? Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe? The Sidewalk cafe in Venice?

      See this site and search for beachfront restaurants:

      1. Just thought of another one. It's right off PCH and very laid back with tables and chairs in the sand. The food is pretty good. Nothing fancy, but a great spot to rent out. It's called Back on the Beach.

        1. C & O's might work. The food is nothing great but it meets your other requirements, I think.

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            I agree with smartcooki's recommendation of BACK TO THE BEACH. They are pretty reasonable and I think can accomodate that size group.

            1. re: mollyomormon

              c & o isn't on the beach
              with beverages, tax, and tip, they wouldn't necessarily be able to get out of there within their buget.

                1. re: wutzizname

                  you're right.
                  i just reread the post.
                  sorry, my bad

                2. re: westsidegal

                  Less than a block does seem "close by" to me, but maybe not close enough for the OP.

              1. It has all your requests, but not on the beach but close in Santa Monica. Some may disagree with me but would be perfect for you. Bizou Gardents, reasonable, $2.00 corkage, and prices are well within your budget. Haven't been for awhile, but I have had several parties there, and couldn't have been nicer. By the way it was also after the split from Cafe Bizou. It's on Colorado, in a big building.