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Oct 29, 2007 04:05 PM

Freshest seafood in Brookline/Fenway area?

Hello everyone,

I live in the Fenway area. Where is the best place to buy raw seafood - specifically, mussels and salmon? I have a car, but my husband hates to drive far, so we're looking for someplace in the Fenway or Brookline area. Thanks so much!

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  1. Wulf's Fish Market at 407 Harvard Ave in a Brookline is option (including using public transport if you don't want to drive) and I don't know specifically about the Westland Ave Whole Foods, but fresh fish is about the only reason I go to the Washington St one (which may technically be Brookline, not sure where the Brookline / Brighton line is there) and I thought part of why they bought out the Bread and Circus chain was their fish processing operation, so should be fairly consistent throughout the chain locally. Not cheap, but everything I've had has been good. Not that much further than Wulf's, albeit in the opposite direction, to go to Morse at 1401 Washington St in the South End, and you get to sample the goodies there for lunch first : )

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      psora's named the two probably closest to you (Wulf's and Whole Food) for mussels and salmon - for other types of fish, Super 88 on Brighton Avenue, very close to Fenway always has live white fish, tilapia, bass,etc. -

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        The Westland Ave Whole Foods is good in my experience and would regularly have mussels and salmon.

      2. If you want a live or fresh-killed fish (whole, gutted, or sliced) you can get that at Super 88 for small money (it's usually tilapia and some kind of crab). I wouldn't recommend anything else from their produce, fish, or meat departments.

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          I buy a lot of produce from Super 88. Is there something I should know about it, other than the fact that a lot of it clearly isn't locally grown?

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            And I have bought things from the meat department, particularly pork products which were fresh and cheap. Can't imagine where else to find pork belly at those prices. Back to the original question, the legals on Rt. 9. in chestnut hill has good fresh seafood, albeit only the less adventuresone stuff like cod, halibut and salmon, etc. But I find what they have to be very fresh. They actually had a good stuffed quohog thing there last weekend. All the fish can be bought uncooked and brought home.

            1. re: chefboyardee

              The ground pork at 88 was $1.65 last week, and quite fresh. Probably not humanely raised, etc. The last time I bought ground pork at WF, it was $3.99. I also often buy produce w/o a problem. Haven't tried their seafood.

              1. re: bear

                anything fresh at Super 88 (live fish,etc.) is just fine and a bargain. they just don't do as well on "dead" fish like salmon. I buy duck, pork, tongue, oxtail, etc. there for excellent prices and with no problems in quality.

            2. re: MC Slim JB

              Most of the meat and a good portion of the produce (depending on how long it's been there) has this distinct "Super 88" taste and smell. I can't really tell what it is, but it's kind of detergenty and rotten at the same time. They've made some improvements in the meat since they opened, but the other week I got a bunch of green peppers and peaches and they all had that flavor. Cucumbers, too. I don't think I'll be getting any produce there anymore except for the green vegetables, which so far have been OK.

            3. re: Luther

              Most of their produce is excellent and very decently priced. Their fresh fish is good as are their fresh shellfish.